June 16, 2024

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Massacre in Texas | “He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever known”: Who are the victims of the shooting

Massacre in Texas |  “He’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever known”: Who are the victims of the shooting
Texas shooting
Social Networks | Some children who died in the Uvalde school massacre. Photos posted by relatives on social websites.

While they were in the same classroom, an 18-year-old man entered and started firing at them.

Nineteen children and two teachers were killed in a shooting at an American elementary school after the Sandy Hooke massacre in Connecticut nearly a decade ago.

A family lost two women. The girl was shot as she tried to call the emergency number 911.

Police have identified the attacker as Salvador Ramos, who was killed at the scene. Half an hour before the young man executed his plan, he posted on Facebook that he had shot his grandmother and was going to school.

Was Rob Elementary School In Wolde, Texas, this Tuesday turned out to be one of the worst nightmares a family could have ever imagined.

“The sweetest guy I’ve ever met”

Some parents were at Rob Elementary School just hours before the shooting, and were proud to see their children hold their honors list at the awards ceremony.

FACEBOOK | Among the victims was 8-year-old Uzziah Garcia.

After a few hours, they had to return, hoping to find their children among the survivors.

Ameri Joe Carza was one of the first girls to be confirmed dead. Just two weeks ago he celebrated his tenth birthday. Her grandmother, Berlin Irene Areola, told the American Digital Newspaper that she was shot when she tried to call emergency services. The Daily Beast.

He added that Ameri was “super outgoing” and “much loved by teachers”.

Meanwhile, his father Angel Corza wrote on Facebook: “Please do not take a moment casually. Embrace your family. Tell them you love them.”

Garza told CNN how he found out that his daughter was one of the dead: “I saw a woman drowning in blood and she was very nervous because her best friend had died. When asked the name of her friend she said ‘America’. She’s my daughter, my sweet daughter. “

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The man added that his daughter had tried to call police before being attacked.

Xavier Javier López, 10, is an outstanding swimmer, recalls his 54-year-old cousin Lisa.

“He was a loving 10 year old boy and he enjoyed life,” he said.

“He was so happy, he wanted to dance with his brothers and his mother. It affected all of us.”

Uzziah Garcia, 8, said her grandfather Manny Renfro was “the sweetest child I’ve ever met”.

Renfro recalls the last time he saw his grandson practicing football together during a school break.

“He’s a very fast guy, he can catch the ball well,” his grandfather said. “There were some plays I did that he remembered and did just like we practiced.”

“Bad dream”

Eva Mireles, 44, was the first teacher to be confirmed dead. Trained in bilingualism and special education, he has been teaching fourth graders in the Wolde School district for 17 years.

In a short autobiography Published On the school district’s website, he wrote about his hobbies about running and hiking. She referred to a “understanding, fun and loving family” consisting of her husband, daughter and “three furry friends” (dogs).

According to the American media, Mireles’ husband, Rubén Ruiz, from the same school district, was involved in a fake shooting at Uvalde High School two months ago.

His aunt Lydia Martinez Delcado expressed her pain in a message posted on Facebook. “I am just angry that this shooting is continuing,” he said. Her cousin Christina Arismendi Mireles described the event as “something unimaginable … a nightmare”.

Meanwhile, the teacher’s student’s mother paid tribute to Mirelas on Twitter.

The second teacher killed in the attack was Irma Garcia, 46, who had been teaching at Rob Elementary School for 23 years. In 2019 he was nominated for Best Teacher of the Year for his school district. He and Mirels worked together for five years.

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UCISD | Teacher Irma Garcia was seen defending her students when the gunman opened fire.

Married for 24 years and a mother of four, she wanted to engage in barbecue and listen to music with her husband.

When the gunman opened fire, a law enforcement friend who was at the scene said his son saw his mother protecting students, NBC reported.

Another family member, her son-in-law John, wrote on social media: “My aunt did not do that. She sacrificed herself to protect the children in her class.”

“Irma Corca is her name, she died a heroine. She was loved by many and she will be greatly missed.”

The identities of other victims have been reported by family and friends on social networks. The official list has not yet been released.

  • His uncle Christopher Salazar confirmed the death of Jose Flores.
Facebook / Christopher Salazar | Jose Flores, 10 years old.
  • Des Mary’s mother’s sister deleted him on Twitter. “My beautiful angel, you are so deeply loved.”
  • Aunt Rogelio Torres, 10, said: “We’re devastated, we’re heartbroken.” “He was a very intelligent, hard-working and helpful person.”
Facebook | Rogelio Torres
  • Relatives and friends of Alexandria “Lexi” Rubio shared their pain on social media over the death of the girl.
  • Ellie Garcia’s father, his 10-year-old daughter, said he was “happiest with the toy and all.”
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Facebook | Ellie Garcia.
  • Another victim was Elijah Cruz. Her grandfather told the ABC that her granddaughter was “a beautiful woman with a lot of energy.”
Facebook | Elijah Cruz
  • Nave Bravo thanked all his relatives for their prayers. “It simply came to our notice then. He flies with angels. “
Facebook | Neve Bravo
  • Annabelle Rodriguez died with her cousin Jackie Caesar. Girls friends and classmates.
Facebook | Annabelle Rodriguez
  • The death of 10-year-old Jayce Luanos has been confirmed by relatives. “I still can not believe we will never see you again,” her aunt wrote on Facebook.
Facebook | Jayce Luanos
  • Relatives of Alexandria Ania “Lexi” Rubio have confirmed his death on social media. Her cousin described her as “the brightest light in everyone’s life”.
  • Jaila Nicole Silguro, 11, died with her cousin Jace Luanos. His mother wrote in her Facebook post that she was heartbroken. “Fly high, girl.”
FACEBOOK | Jaila Nicole Silcro
  • Magna Lee Elrod’s sister wrote on Twitter: “My little sister was finally found in a classroom.” “I beg you to hug your loved ones”
FACEBOOK | Magna Lee Elrod, age 10.
  • One of Maite Rodríguez’s relatives called the girl a “beautiful angel” and another member of the family, Raquel Silva, described her as a “sweet little girl”.
Facebook | Might Rodriguez
  • Jackie Caesars died with his cousin Annabelle Rodriguez. I was in fourth grade. He made his first reunion two weeks ago.
FACEBOOK | Jackie Caesares
  • Alicia Ramirez’s father was actively searching for her daughter before her death was announced.
Facebook | Alitia Ramirez.

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