May 25, 2024

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Girl! Kareena Banda talks about her sex games with Carlos Ponce

Girl!  Kareena Banda talks about her sex games with Carlos Ponce

If there is something in the program “unequal” It is the ability to express the soul of its cheerleaders with the different debates generated on the broadcast. Patrons are also part of the story, as the Mexicans have done recently, with topics spoken to identify them with the general public. Kareena Banda.

In a conversation about sex toys, In intimate encounters with her husband Carlos Ponce, Aztec This “little friend” doesn't have any kind of protagonist, so clearly The legendary actor is doing his job well to keep his wife's flame alive.

“I'm going to admit, they gave me one last year and I didn't even take it out of the box. I look at it from afar and it's like, it scares me.”, said the presenter.

“I feel strange because one grows up with the idea that it's wrong, you look at sex dolls and think, 'This is a sexually sick person.' One always associates, or at least I do, sex with love, I have sex or I do it with the person I love, So why should I pick up a device?”he added.

Its unbreakable story

This is in 2018, specifically on February 14, Cuba Lily Estefan introduced both characters. Bones was immediately charmed by the Mexican, a feeling she didn't share, and she didn't look at him with different eyes at the time. Six months later they confirmed their love On Kareena's 30th birthday.

In 2019, they announced their split and disappeared for the next two months when they decided to give themselves a new chance. They were already engaged by January 2020, and the same year they got married in a civil ceremony.

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They said yes before the altar in a beautiful ceremony in Valle de Bravo on June 4, 2022.. Banda revealed that they don't have children yet, but are thinking of starting special treatment to have her first child and Carlos' fifth child.