May 25, 2024

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They found the frozen body of a woman hugging her dog in Alaska

They found the frozen body of a woman hugging her dog in Alaska

Credit: Amanda Richmond Rogers / Facebook | Courtesy

Amanda Richmond Rogers, a 45-year-old woman, jumped in to save her dog after it fell into the icy waters of the Eagle River in Alaska. The incident, which shocked many, happened late last year, but it wasn't until late March that rescuers confirmed his death when the body was found.

By NY Journal

On December 23, 2023, during their 18th wedding anniversary celebration, Amanda and her husband Brian Rogers were walking along the Eagle River with their two dogs, the family said in a statement on Facebook. During the walk, one of the pets fell while drinking water, prompting Amanda and Brian to run to him to try to help him.

Unfortunately, while trying to save the dog, the woman fell down and was unable to get up.

Amanda with her husband and her dog Groot. Photo: Jennifer Richmond, sister of Amanda Richmond / Courtesy

Amanda Richmond Rogers worked as an emergency room nurse, death scene investigator, pediatric hospice nurse, and mother of four boys.

For their search and rescue, donations were made to the Alaska Diving Search and Rescue Team to maintain, repair and replace lifeguards' equipment, pay for fuel, work on unsolved cases, advance expenses during trips and more.

“She would have made this choice again for her dogs and her family, without a second thought,” the family said.

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