June 14, 2024

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Four-year-old girl dies after cell phone explodes in Peru

Four-year-old girl dies after cell phone explodes in Peru

The girl’s house caught fire when her cell phone exploded while charging.

International.- A A 4-year-old girl died In the province of Arequipa, southern Peru, after a The cell phone explodes Wednesday night and He set the house on fire He was in it.

According to local media, The deceased’s elder sister, a 7-year-old girl, was seriously injured And there are first and second degree burns. Events took place in Cayma and District The cell phone exploded while being charged.

Before the girl died, She was taken to three health centers along with her sister. They first arrived at the Yanahuara Hospital in EsSalud, but were evacuated to the Honorio Delgado Hospital. Later, at dawn, they were taken to the Carlos Alberto Seguin Escobedo Hospital.

The minor died during the last transfer. They came to the health center and noticed this The girl suffered third degree burns 80% degree in your body. Meanwhile, his sister He was admitted to the hospital in a critical condition in the emergency department.

According to a Peruvian newspaper, The case is being investigated By the Criminal Investigation Department (Divingri), to Determine the exact causes of the event.

The parents of the minors said that their daughters were not observed on timeAfter they were transferred to several hospitals.

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