May 25, 2024

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5 things you need to know this May 10

5 things you need to know this May 10

This is the card for presidential elections in Venezuela: Maduro has been there 13 times. A Chinese-funded megaport has sparked controversy in Peru. Bayer Leverkusen, historical. Here’s what you need to know to start your day. First the truth.

1. Anger in the Israeli government after Biden’s weapons announcement

Israeli officials have been sharply critical of the United States and have clashed over President Joe Biden’s comments to end some U.S. arms exports to Israel. If a large-scale ground operation is launched in Rafah city.

2. Election card in Venezuela: Maduro has been there 13 times

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) has released a card showing the machines in the July 28 elections. President Nicolás Maduro, the candidate of the ruling party and a candidate for his second re-election, appeared on 13 cards representing the same number of political organizations supporting his candidacy. while, Majority opposition candidate Edmundo González Urrutia appears in three boxes.

3. Bernardo Arevalo: Prosecutor Boras’ Administration “Supports Conviction”

Guatemala’s President Bernardo Arevalo told Carmen Aristegui that the country’s Attorney General, Consuelo Boras, had demonstrated “his commitment to corrupt actors in the state.” Head of Public Ministry Denying the allegations, Arevalo says it is seeking control of the company.

4. China-funded megaport stirs controversy in Peru

The tide rose and waters shook off the Peruvian coast, and its majority shareholder, Chinese state-owned company Cosco Shipping Ports Chancay Perú, sent a letter to the Peruvian Ministry of Economy on April 16 about the situation. The port terminal is operational It will become the largest in South America when built in that country.

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5. Important days in the Trump trial

Aside from the moment the jury retires to consider its verdict, Donald Trump is entering the most dangerous phase of his trial. Former adult film star Stormy Daniels returned to the stand, followed by Michael Cohen, the ex-president’s former lawyer. So the coming days will require the qualities that Trump has struggled to demonstrate in his tumultuous business career. and politics: moderation and self-discipline. Analysis.

At coffee time

Bayer Leverkusen face Atalanta in Europa League final with last minute save

Bayer Leverkusen advanced to the Europa League final again on Thursday with a 2-2 draw at home to AS Roma. Leverkusen played his 49th match against Atalanta in the final Benfica’s unbeaten record set between 1963 and 1965 and broken.

The new ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie will focus on one main character

The Oscar-winning team behind the nearly $6 billion blockbuster “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies is reuniting to produce two new films. The first project is named Tentatively titled “The Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum.”

These Brazilian airlines are gaining more and more space in the market

Boeing seems to be caught in a whirlwind of bad news, an airplane maker that is breaking silence. Brazilian manufacturer Embraer, which specializes in small narrow-body passenger jets, has been piling up important announcements and plans to build one soon. Part of the entire American Airlines regional fleet.

That’s what Macklemore’s pro-Palestinian song says: “I Want a Ceasefire.”

American rapper Macklemore has released a song called “Hind’s Hall” that expresses his support for weeks of pro-Palestinian protests in the United States and criticizes President Joe Biden’s government. for its support of Israel amid its war against the terrorist group Hamas.

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Hailey and Justin Bieber have announced they are expecting their first child

The couple announced the news on Instagram this Thursday and shared a video showing it off Hailey Bieber’s growing belly.

Image of the day

US$9.8 billion

Lula has announced more than US$9.8 billion to respond to rain emergencies in Brazil. More than 100 people have died.

Quote of the day

“I mean, immediately, within a year, two, three, four or five million Venezuelans are fleeing in the biggest wave of migration we’ve ever seen.”

Opposition member María Corina Machado has warned of massive protests A wave of emigration from Venezuela if Maduro stays in power.

And to finish…

Horse rescued from floods in Brazil

A horse gets stuck on the roof of a house after flooding in Brazil’s Rio Grande do Sul state. Animal on the roof of a house left under water.