April 15, 2024

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The anti-aircraft arsenal provided by Iran arrived in Venezuela

Week: Delivery of Iranian and Russian weapons and military equipment arrives in Venezuela
/ Photo: Courtesy (Getty Images via Semana)

A cargo plane from Iran’s Air Air Cashmere to Venezuela has been converted into an arsenal of missiles, radars, bombs, containers and high-end guns of Persian, Russian and American production.

New Granada reports that the relationship between Semana Caracas and Tehran is not limited to petrol imports. It is expanding further and further and the last chapter of these trade deals reveals the purchase of cargo of anti-aircraft weapons.


According to confidential documents from the Ministry of Defense accessing Semana, the Nicolas Maduro government has purchased 2,015 anti-aircraft defense units: 1,050 missiles, 400 bombs, 500 rockets, 30 containers and 35 radars, which are part of Operation Bolivarian. Armor 2021.

The cargo will arrive from the Boeing 747-200F Fars Air Qeshm Fleet on July 21. It is the airline that owns the aircraft approved by the US government for allegedly being involved in the transfer of weapons to Syria.

According to a document classified as “Top Secret”, the military object was stored at the Libertadore air base in Palo Negro, Maracai.

Documents refer to specific weapons organizations reviewed and listed by Venezuela. They include Talaash Air Defense System, AGM-84, AGM-65G Anti-Ship Missiles, AIM-7 Air-Air Missiles, Sparrow AIM-9X Sidewinder, ABG-83 SAPR ASA Radar System, UPK-23-250 Containers, UB Launcher-32S-5 rockets, 500 kg ZAB shells, 500 kg RBK grenades, 7.62 mm caliber AK-103 repaired light assault rifles and 51.62 mm caliber masaf guns.

Even if imported from that country, the cargo will not be entirely Iranian. The weapon includes parts made in the United States and Russia that Iran bought many years ago.

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Although the air defense system was Iranian-made, 500 Ub-32 launchers, S-5 rockets, 200 units of 500 kg ZAB bombs, 200 500 kg of RBK bombs and 30 UPK 23 250 containers were recovered from Russian production.

300 AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, 300 AIM-7 sparrow missiles, 250 anti-ship missiles, 100 AGM-84 anti-ship missiles and 100 AGM surface-to-air missiles, all of American descent.

An elite group also came for training

Semana said the plane was carrying two elite groups from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), an Iranian military group accused by the United States of promoting terrorism worldwide.

These personnel train and advise on the armaments system, as well as assist in the alignment of Venezuelan ships and the installation of anti-aircraft batteries.

Another document that gave access to Semana was that Nicolas Maduro appears to have personally reviewed the ship because Savista was asked to prepare warehouses for presidential verification.

With these imports, Venezuela’s air defense system is strengthened in the tense situation with Colombia and in the process of negotiating with the opposition.

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