July 19, 2024

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Kamala Harris’ KAMA memecoin rises: Will she replace Joe Biden?

Kamala Harris’ KAMA memecoin rises: Will she replace Joe Biden?
  • Biden’s re-election seemed uncertain, with key Democratic sources eyeing Kamala Harris as a possible successor.
  • Biden has faced criticism for his stance on cryptocurrencies, while Harris has gained support in polls.

As the next election approaches, President Joe Biden is facing growing criticism, which has intensified especially since the first presidential debate.

Amid this uncertainty, Vice President Kamala Harris is emerging as a leading alternative to Biden.

Kamala Harris to replace Joe Biden?

The sudden change appears to be due to Biden’s continued stance against cryptocurrencies, which has been particularly provocative His veto Repeal of Staff Accounting Bulletin 121 also known as SAB 121.

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s continued scrutiny of cryptocurrency firms increased iAffected Biden’s position In the next elections. Billionaire businessman Cuban brand He said it best when he said:

“Biden has to choose between Gensler or crypto voters or it could cost him the White House.”

Also, according to a recent report Reuters Several high-level sources in the Biden campaign, the White House and the Democratic National Committee are actively seeking to replace former incumbent Kamala Harris.

However, rejecting all these conjectures, Biden on a recent call

With staff, he noted,

“Let me say this as clearly and simply and directly as I can: I’m running. Nobody’s forcing me to give up the race. I’m not going. I’m in this race to the end, and we’re going to win.”

Things don’t change

However, many believe that replacing Biden with Harris will not bring significant changes. BTIG’s director of policy research, Isaac Boltanski, noted why:

“A Harris presidency would, for all intents and purposes, be a continuation of the Biden administration.”

However, despite the skepticism surrounding Harris, By Polymarket Kamala Harris leads Joe Biden in ‘2024 presidential election winner’ polls

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But former President Donald Trump still leads the polls.

Source: Polymarket

Impact on memecoins

Harris’ ability to replace Biden can be analyzed from the performance of the commemorative coins inspired by them. Kamala Harris themed meme coin, Kamala Harris [KAMA] Up nearly 250% on July 4th.

KAMA has gained 12.90% in the last 24 hours Dex detection. Instead, the Biden-inspired memecoin Geo Bowden [BODEN] It continued its downward trend, down 24.2% during the same period.

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