June 26, 2024

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Equilibrium without happiness: CGT could not achieve its ultimate objective despite traffic limitations

Equilibrium without happiness: CGT could not achieve its ultimate objective despite traffic limitations
Senior workers of the CGT made a positive assessment of the second general strike against Javier Millay’s government.

The CGT strike was realized, albeit with uneven compliance, but by the CGT leadership Failed to achieve its objective: Move the government to modify their policies. The reactions of key libertarian leaders to the second general strike against Javier Mili allow us to assume that it was the next day of anti-unionism. Doesn’t change much official status.

“The government should Take note and restructure your adjustment policy, That takes us to extremes,” said the co-president of the CGT Hector Dare (Health) The force action was evaluated in a press conference. interesting, No happiness or expressions of happiness Among the leaders on stage in the Felipe Valais room at the Azopardo 802 headquarters, the “strength” of the strike, which many union members exemplified, was not visible on their faces or in their speech: Dare did not want to respond directly to Miley’s comment. Reviews by Patricia Bulrich, José Luis Espart and Manuel Atorni, and also Pablo Moyano, Suffered from verbal incontinence Also measured (A week earlier, in the same place, he had raised the ire of senators when he spoke of “Panelco’s ghost”).

There was a taste of positive balance in the strike conducted by the CGT Relieving grief (They have no clear assurance about the extent of workers’ compliance) Also Anxiety: The problem now for the Seketist leadership is how to proceed. The dialogue department knows that Strikes cannot be repeated every month Even if you start to feel Pressure Some leaders to move towards 36-hour strike. The protester verbalized it Ruben “Pollo” Sobrero Marching to the left for Labor Day, far away, They consider it a possible variation on the already difficult section of CGT.

Despite the strike, some malls, supermarkets and businesses are open in Buenos Aires (Photo by Franco Fafazuli)

A few union members spoke on the topic on the fourth floor of the CGT before the press conference began. “Well, now let’s use our heads; “Enough with the strikes”, A leading leader said. Another complained: “But Miley forces us to stop Because it won’t budge one centimeter.” Internal debate in the union about the future of the strike plan will begin next week, but will have a decisive impact What luck with the basic legislation and funding package in the Senate.

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For the majority of the CGT, the president would have no way to back down and negotiate if he did not agree. failure Its big legislative challenge. They remember that this is what happened when he belatedly discovered the enormous impact University parade. “Miley is smart and “We have to face it with intelligence.” One of the phrases heard personally at CGT. In the same vein, a heavy-handed leader warned: “We must take care of the tool of unemployment. “We cannot wear it.”

In the arena chosen by the CGT during the press conference, it seemed like a suggestion Opening signal Who are some of the real leaders? Monopoly Prominent places like Dare and Moyano and the use of the word gave him Place and voice To his colleagues such as Carlos Acuna (Service Stations), Andrés Rodríguez (UPCN), Sergio Romero (UTA) and Julio Piumado (Judiciary). It seemed like a reaction critics He receives a “small table” of CGT from other colleagues “Between 5 or 6 leaders solve everything, don’t ask anyone for their opinion.”

Hector Dare, with Pablo Moyano, before the start of the press conference at the CGT

Within the workers’ federation, there are those who imagine that the government will finally agree to reassemble the Segetista leadership. Resume the conversation. The first and last official meeting took place April 10 At the Pink House. Since then, the link has been maintained Assigned contacts of the CGT with the President’s Adviser Santiago CaputoAlthough the Home Secretary’s role as interlocutor remains, Guillermo Francos, with union members. Also the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Petovello, He began holding more meetings with union leadership: last week, for example, he received Four CGT teachers unions And promised to invite them soon to the national joint body of the department. Other similar meetings are held Secretly.

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The government did not No extra effort It is true that some have given up, although they should try to call off the strike this Thursday blinks In that spirit. For example, he accepted Trim Labor reform was included in the Basic Law Almost tailored to CGT And More flexible Its position of not standardizing the equilibrium that exceeds the inflation forecast (now, assuming the same salary increase Reorganize The final statistics to cover them, the whole tradition of different types of governments).

Now, after its second general strike in five months, the CGT He hopes the next drama will be Mili’s. Not only what you expect, but also that requirements Its dialogue segment that tends to be avoided Intolerance postcard In addition to the 13 general strikes against Raul Alfonsín, he wants to escape The Irreducible Dynamics of Aggressive and Leftist Trade Union Sectors. From there, during these hours, supportive slogans a 36-hour strike. CGT’s moderates fear this attention Radicalized from their own teams and sprouting from two CTAs Despicable ideas.

Pablo Moyano was over-measured at the CGT press conference

The challenge is How to proceed After the measurement of this force was realized, but it did not reach the target in practice move to the government. Even the final photo, Relativity As shopping malls, supermarkets and businesses remained open, in addition to the intense movement of cars, there was a high level of compliance with the CGT speaking protest. Dare admitted that there were buses “but without passengers”.

“The success of the strike did not make us happy because We’re not happy with building a level of power – Dare admitted this afternoon, in a far from triumphant tone. The scale of power does not have an end, but rather the end of establishing it Apokiatura It is the agenda that led us to take this step for a precise and clear statement. A country and development plan for the future is under discussion.

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Another dilemma the Cegetista strategy has: the “consultative” plan is the one that the majority of Argentines voted for in the November 19 ballot. 5 months ago.

Photos by Luciano Gonzalez