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China calls American democracy a “weapon of mass destruction.”

China calls American democracy a “weapon of mass destruction.”


12 dic 2021 00:37 GMT

The Chinese Foreign Ministry says Washington is inciting division and conflict under the banner of democracy, leading to “catastrophic consequences”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has accused the United States of using the concept of “democracy” as a “weapon of mass destruction” to impose its will on the world in connection with the Washington-organized summit on democracy. On December 9-10, without the intervention of the representatives of Russia and China, was not called.

The event, which was attended by leaders, activists and representatives of the private sector from more than a hundred countries, concluded with a call to assess progress in defending fair elections, the fight against corruption and the defense of human rights. .

A Release Released this Saturday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed that US policy has “moved away” from the center of democracy, noting that it is limited to political divisions, ethnic conflicts and polarization between rich and poor. “American democracy is a ‘game of the rich’ based on capital. […] Ordinary voters are only in favor when they vote and will be expelled after the election. “

Similarly, from China, they insisted that the democratic path of countries should be chosen by their own people and not imposed from outside. “Every country’s democratic system and path of democracy must be freely chosen by the people of each country according to their own national conditions,” the statement said.

Beijing also sees Washington as inciting division and conflict under the banner of democracy. “It simply came to our notice then Imposed its own political system and values For others, it promoted ‘democratic change’, blindly imposed unilateral sanctions and provoked ‘color revolutions’, leading to catastrophic consequences, ” the ministry said, referring to the country’s military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria.

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Excluded from the summit

Washington did not invite representatives of China or Russia to the event. The ambassadors of the two countries to the United States released a joint statement at the end of November in which they described the meeting as an obvious consequence of the Cold War mentality and confirmed that it would provoke ideological conflict between all states. The world.

For her part, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Sajarova said on Thursday that the summit was aimed at “serving the interests of the US regime.”