June 17, 2024

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The lack of evidence against Alex Chapp reveals American political motivation

The misconduct of the US judiciary in connection with the accusation against the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab shows that the credibility of the US system has been undermined and that its motivation is politically motivated.

According to a press release from Alex Chopin’s Security Council, the U.S. Justice Department is once again facing criticism for its incitement against Venezuelan diplomacy. Financial discrepancies dismissed by discredited witnesses and the Swiss Attorney’s Office and the monitoring bodies of financial institutions.

Suspicious transfers?

Since July 2019, when the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Chop was accused of allowing the same, the Judiciary (DoJ) notes that $ 350,000,000 was repeatedly sent through the US banking system, between 2011 and 2015, to accounts linked to Chop. However, without giving any evidence as to why this concern exists, the DOJ provides only a small number of 405 “suspicious payments” as “examples”. Of course, reports from the media that serve international rights, without any foundation or evidence, in addition to random and well-planned tweets, are considered evidence in the American justice system these days.

But let’s take a step back and put some context into what DoJ accuses in the indictment on Alex Chop.

DOJ acknowledges that this large amount was transferred by Bank of America, Citibank and Deutsche Bank acting as correspondent banks. All three banks are overseen by the New York Department of Financial Services and the Federal Reserve.

Can we believe that the compliance departments of these three major financial institutions and others have passed hundreds of millions of dollars through their clear accounts? 405 times? These are the same financial institutions that harass retail customers for unexplained transfers of a few hundred dollars.

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The same New York Financial Services Department that fined Habib Bank Ltd. is asking the Judiciary to believe in the incredible $ 600,000,000 (which was reduced to $ 225,000,000 after a review) due to failures in the fight against money laundering. The number, which represents a small fraction of the suspicious amounts discussed here, cannot be intervened and acted upon. The answer is no, as it does not find anything suspicious or relevant in questionable transfers, as in the compliance departments of Bank of America, Citi and Deutsche.

However, DoJ now accuses Bank of America, Citibank, Deutsche Bank of believing that he was the only one based on credible witness evidence, many years after the transfers, which took place in July 2019, accusing Alex Chop. The York Department of Financial Services and the Federal Reserve could not be reached for comment.

Evidence assures that the DoJ’s credibility will be further compromised when the compliance departments of the receiving banks, the financial intelligence units of those banks and their central banks are asked to accept that they cannot interfere in these transfers. The amount if they suspect any evidence of error or corruption.

This is not the judiciary, it is politics!

Earlier this year, a Geneva lawyer completed a three-year investigation into allegations of money laundering against Alex Chop as he found no evidence to support the allegations. The credibility of the judiciary, which had already been eroded, came from the same community housing project in Venezuela where most of the funds investigated in Switzerland were considered by the judiciary to be problematic (meaningless investigation without even conducting). To add insult to injury to the DOJ, Geneva attorney Alex Chop offered compensation and additionally concluded the investigation, which provides for a release under Swiss law.

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While the US persecution of Alex Chop lasts a long time, it becomes clear that this is based on a politically motivated case and not on the basis of evidence that a crime has been committed. The judiciary must acknowledge that it was used as a political tool instead of actual law enforcement. Alex Chop has been detained in Cape Verde for nearly 480 days in protest of a deportation request from the United States when his plane stopped refueling on the island of Sal while on a special diplomatic mission on behalf of Venezuela.

For now, the game of the judiciary is clear. No matter where those open source media reports come from, they are disreputable witnesses, even if there is no evidence to support the accusation leveled against Alex Chop. Why is the judiciary pressuring Cape Verde to hand over the soap to the United States? Because DoJ hopes to be able to quickly “persuade” Alex Saab to make a deal once he is on American soil. A deal that relies on suspicious media reports or suspicious witnesses and does not forget to worry about the evidence. This is a disgusting game that the judiciary is playing because it has lost all credibility to claim that the persecution of Alex Chop is politically motivated and unworthy.