October 3, 2022

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They rescued a Venezuelan family that went missing in the San Andreas Strait

Venezuelan family San Andres
Photo: Samos News Panama

Venezuelan family missing in San Andres Strait ColombiaHe was rescued by fishermen off the coast of Costa Rica last weekend.

The group, which included two minors, was adrift at sea for six days. They are suffering from heatstroke and dehydration, for which they are currently receiving medical treatment in Costa Rica.

The Venezuelan nationals were identified as Yraida Alvarez, Miguel Oliveros, Michel Oliveros, Kristian Rodríguez, Manuel Medina, Kristian Miguel and Kristofer Rodríguez, the latter two aged nine and six.

He departed from San Andres Island on August 8, 2022 with his family and three crew members at around 7:00 pm on a boat named La Ola 22 with license plate number CB-07-1388. The municipality of Corn Island in Nicaragua, where they did not arrive.

After the relatives lost contact with the boat, they turned to the media and social networks to report the disappearance of the seven Venezuelans.

It was first reported that the boat crashed into a switch in the channel. However, journalist Roberto Bermudez pointed out Twitter The group was robbed by the boatmen themselves and thrown into the water.

“They were stolen by boatmen and then thrown into the water. They stayed at sea for six days and were rescued by Costa Rican fishermen,” said Samos Noticias Panama, the person in charge of the Instagram account.

According to Bermudez, one of the rescuers provided this information.

The Venezuelan family moved from Valencia, Carabobo to San Andrés. From there they would travel the dangerous sea route to Nicaragua, then on to Honduras, and from there to the United States. It has become an alternative for migrants who don’t want to cross the Darien forest that separates Colombia from Panama.

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