June 16, 2024

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Adventures of a Venezuelan murdered in an armored van in Bogotá

Adventures of a Venezuelan murdered in an armored van in Bogotá

The prosecutor’s office and Colombian police continue to investigate what is behind the killing of four people who appeared in the back of an armored Toyota truck on Bogotá’s northern highway at 222nd Street.

Mayor Claudia Lopez assures them that they were murdered outside the capital and abandoned there. But one of the victims, former police officer Juan Carlos Uze, and an identified Venezuelan were both in the capital and more precisely in the Sanatrecito de San José.

Newspaper Time Exclusively revealed Yusei’s identity and background in connection with the San Jose Homicide Bureau. A police report said the newspaper was in possession.

He would be the main target of assassinations, including the death of Yusei’s accomplice, Lady Alexandra Betancourt; And his other bodyguard: Leonardo Sanabria.

However, this newspaper investigated and established that the 29-year-old Venezuelan found in the truck, born in Porto Cabello, also has a criminal record and has been prosecuted by the courts.

Inpeg records show Peroso is under house arrest. Photo: Time

True identity

It appears in court records Identified Like Elior Jose Peroso Zabala, on secondary education and free union.

It stated that he was already arrested in Bogotá on August 17, 2020 for the crimes of illegal carrying of weapons, drug trafficking, escape from prison and malicious personal injury.

He was taken to the Puente Aranda URI and the 19th Municipal Criminal Judge with functions to control guarantees, in a concentrated hearing, legalized the capture.

Venezuela pleaded not guilty and his lawyer appealed the same day. But the Eighth Circuit Court of Criminal Appeals denied it on the 30th of the same month.

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Eliyer José Perozo Zabala, Venezuelan murdered by a truck on the northern highway. Photo: Courtesy of the authorities

“It’s a Street Fight”

Time He spoke with his support, saying Peroso was the manager of the Sanadrecito de San Jose car wash and that two years ago, he got into a street fight with some friends, including Moya, whose last name is Venezuelan.

Peroso had a weapon in the middle of a fight, which is why he was accused of illegal possession: “He was very helpful, people respected him. His son must be two years old, his family is in Venezuela.

This is the moment they examine the lorry that contained the four bodies. Photo: Private Archive

Initial contract

On October 23, 2020, the defense reached a preliminary agreement with the Office of the Prosecutor of Venezuela, which was approved by the 33rd Criminal Court with jurisdiction over Bogotá.

Thanks to this judicial charge, Peroso was only convicted of manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possessing firearms and the process was stopped due to personal injuries.

The sentence was only 54 months: 4 years and 6 months.

Five days later, he was placed under house arrest after he alleged that he was the head of the family and that his Venezuelan wife was pregnant. There it was taken into account that his friend Moya withdrew the complaint for personal injury.

But the case continued its course and on December 14, 2020, an indictment was issued in the Circuit’s 24th Criminal Court with Bogota’s knowledge activities.

Pending investigation

The last step in that process is a hearing scheduled for September 2, 2022 to frame the personal injury charges.

Peroso’s lawyer insists she didn’t know what she was doing and didn’t charge her for self-defense. In addition, he surprisingly announced that crimes such as drug trafficking and prison escape were mentioned in the file.

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Time He tried to contact Venezuelan relatives living in Mártires, without luck.

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