December 8, 2023

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Died in Peru, Venezuela, after several months in ICU after dental treatment

The sister of the deceased said that he had 90% lung damage and respiratory failure.

Courtesy | The young Venezuelan had a tooth extracted and then presented with serious health problems

This Sunday night, Leidy Contreras Patiño, a Venezuelan teenager who spent three months in the intensive care unit of Arzobispo Loyza Hospital, died after having a tooth extracted in the Chorrillos district of Peru.

According to the girl’s sister, Paola Fernandez, the Quirodent Specialist Medical Center is still not responsible for what happened.

Although he filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office for the case, the doctors at the dental clinic seem to be delaying the process.

After experiencing discomfort in his teeth, he went to a dental center for diagnosis. Shortly thereafter, the left third molar was removed.

After the extraction, Leidy returned, and it wasn’t until the second day that discomfort began to appear.

“It started to swell and it affected his neck and chest,” he said. Then, he felt his throat constricting and was unable to get food or breathe normally.

When there was no response from the clinic, the young woman was taken to an outpatient clinic, where they indicated that Leidy had an infection.

He pointed out that his sister had 90% lung damage and was in respiratory distress.

He was undergoing dialysis for kidney failure when he bled to death due to hemorrhagic failure.

In addition, she would have suffered from being arrested, and she was desperate to stay alive.

“I am demanding justice because it was impossible for my sister to die and after three months (since she was admitted to the ICU) we have not received a response from the clinic, the doctors or the judge. The lawyer has made several requests and till today the judge has not responded despite the deadline,” he said.

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