May 27, 2024

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The US rejects 97% of Venezuelan immigrant applications

The US rejects 97% of Venezuelan immigrant applications

After the application of the immigration process, many applications are received and rejected because they do not meet the necessary requirements.

After the United States unveiled a new immigration control process for Venezuelans, a total of 8,000 applications have been sent, and only 200 have met the requirements to qualify. This is 97% of the rejected population.

Minerva Mendoza, a representative of the Prima Facie International Rights Foundation, reported this to La Prença de Lara and clarified that citizens are rushing to apply for the program without adequate legal advice.

“This ruling occurs because many Venezuelans are dual citizens or have permanent residence in other countries. “Because it was found that the sponsor is requesting two or even four people without the economic capacity to take responsibility in the United States,” said Mendoza, PHD in Human Development Management.

A process for 24,000 Venezuelans to obtain temporary residence permits for humanitarian reasons of up to two years, under certain conditions, has been established in the United States on the website (

It states that a sponsor or supporting person, who can make a claim for a Venezuelan citizen, must be a US citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident; You must have legal status such as Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or asylum; or be a recipient of a temporary residence permit or deferred action or deferred mandatory eviction.

In addition, you must meet the annual income established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) poverty guidelines.

For example: A person living in the United States and having a family of two would need to earn $22,887 a year plus $5,900 in additional income to sponsor a Venezuelan.

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“We’ve found that Venezuelans are also being turned down because they want to be a sponsor, but they don’t have TPS or are beneficiaries of asylum, which means they’re not legal residents. This migration process is in stages, first occurring when the Venezuelan is granted a travel permit and authorization to enter the United States, where he must provide a vaccination card, pass an interview conducted by an immigration officer and prove his answers effective. The beneficiary of that humanitarian parole”, he emphasized.

A little help

According to Alexander Campos, a migration expert, it has not been determined exactly how many Venezuelans have been stranded in Central America or Mexico since the Joe Biden administration’s decision to close the passage for comrades through the southern border.

But unofficial figures suggest that more than 50,000 people may now be fully affected after crossing seven countries, including the Darien forest.

“In the first 10 months of the year, 190,000 migrants passed through the Darien plug, 70% (133,000) of which were Venezuelans. In September, 33,000 Creoles were transferred to the United States via Mexico,” he emphasized.

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