July 12, 2024

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They freed more than 150 Venezuelans who had been detained in Peru and would be deported

They freed more than 150 Venezuelans who had been detained in Peru and would be deported

Two people are in custody for committing crimes in the country.

More than 150 Venezuelans detained in a nightclub in San Juan de Luricancho were freed by Peruvian police. Most face deportation because they entered the country illegally or because their permit to stay has expired.

According to Latina, after more than 12 inmates remained, most were released, and only two remain in prison because they were wanted for crimes, one of them a woman.

The lawyer in charge of the group’s defense pointed out that the priority was to free them, and since they had not committed a crime, they should now take care of their deportation.

What happened

On August 8, more than 200 foreigners were intercepted by police at a nightclub in San Juan de Luricancho.

According to Latina, a total of 131 people (men and women) from this group of Venezuelans entered the country clandestinely, and 44 expired. There are also several requests by Interpol.

“Of the 211 foreigners who intervened, 107 men and 98 women (a total of 205) will be expelled from the country. Jose Ortiz Maita (one of the interveners) is a foreigner who was known to have a charge of killing a person in Satibo”, Latina noted.

Latina also said that there will be four flights to repatriate these foreigners to their country. “There will be an immigration unit guarding the journey and, in addition, there will be a presence of police doctors,” the media said.

Agents of the Peruvian National Police (PNP) Emergency Squad intercepted 211 foreigners inside a nightclub.

“Our emergency forces personnel are intervening in the nightclub “La Cabana”. We have found drug hiding places. We are bringing other units, such as immigration, where those who are there will be identified and taken to the police station to see the background they have,” said General Manuel Lozada, head of the Lima Police Region.

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During the intervention, many subjects began to hide their guns to avoid their seizures. “These guns are loaded. There must be people involved in some criminal activity here,” ordered the police in that diligence.

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