May 22, 2024

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According to US intelligence, Putin feels he has been deceived by his advisers World | D.W.

According to US intelligence, Putin feels he has been deceived by his advisers  World |  D.W.

The White House says Vladimir Putin has misinformation about the development of the war in Ukraine, based on classified intelligence reports. In addition, relations with his staff would have deteriorated. “We have information that Putin believes that the Russian military has deceived him, which has caused a continuing tension with his public servants,” US Presidential Director of Communications Kate Beddingfield told a news conference Wednesday (30.3.2022). Press.

“One of the Achilles heels of dictatorship, in these organizations, there is no one who can tell the truth about the power in power or the possibility of doing so. I think that is an event we are seeing now. In Russia, for his part, Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken commented on a visit to Algeria.

Relationship with the Minister of Defense

“In our view, Putin is being misled by his advisers about the poor performance of the Russian armed forces and the severity of the impact of sanctions on the Russian economy because his top advisers are afraid to tell him the truth,” he said. An unnamed senior official said. “Putin is unaware that his military is inflicting recruitment and casualties in Ukraine, which shows a clear interruption in the flow of credible information reaching the Russian president,” he added.

The White House has released the information amid questions about the relationship between the Russian president and his defense minister Sergei Shoigu. Shoaib appeared in public a few days ago in the absence of two weeks, which led to all sorts of speculation on television screens, including the health of the well-known minister. Shoaib is also considered close to Putin. They both usually travel to Siberian taiga in all-terrain vehicles. But now, according to a senior US official, “there is constant tension between Putin and the Defense Ministry.”

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