May 20, 2022

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Ministers resign without agreeing with Pdte. William Lasso | News

The dispute between Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso and the National Assembly was resolved on Tuesday with the resignations of two ministers, the government (interior), Alexandra Vela and the president’s spokeswoman Carlos Gijon. By the President in that respect.

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Ecuadorian government minister submits his resignation

Alexandra Vela resigned from the government ministry, refusing to use what President Lasso called the so-called “cross death”, signaling the dissolution of the National Assembly and the progress of the election, and the legislature’s refusal to approve and / or recognize the President’s efforts.

With this in mind, Lasso declared that he would rule by law by decree and rule. According to Vela, this is a mechanism to defend democracy in the country and its insistence would have caused inconvenience to the president and his allies.

For his part, President Lasso thanked Vela, the head of the government ministry, for his efforts and said, “The national government will continue to work tirelessly for the well-being of citizens, the preservation of democracy and the building of a nation. Opportunity and security for all.”

Alexandra Vela will be replaced by Quas province legislator Francisco Jimenez, who will be officially appointed new government minister in the next few hours.

Within 24 hours, on Monday, Carlos Gijn, through his Twitter account, confirmed his resignation from the Lasso government following the failure of negotiations with the legislature over a new investment law.

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President Lasso again attacked the National Assembly, anonymously accusing the majority of lawmakers of “not caring about Ecuador” and the only thing they liked was “personal business, discriminatory interests, selfishness, vanity or envy.” “.

He said he could start ruling with an executive order or provisions for laws. This, after reviewing the legislature’s approval of a plan consisting of five ambassadors, includes: the Free Disclosure and Communication Bill; Reforms in higher education law; Security law plan; Opportunity-creating bill and the Denied Investment Act.