May 26, 2022

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The United States has confirmed that Russia intends to export the Ukraine crisis to the United States

Ukraine Lukansk-I Russia
Photo: EFE

During a US Senate Foreign Relations Committee inquiry into China’s role in Latin America and the Caribbean this Thursday, an official accused Russia of “wanting to export.” Crisis By expanding military cooperation with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from Ukraine to the ‚Äúcontinent. He also criticized Beijing for its proximity to Moscow.

“As Russia tramples on Ukraine’s democracy and threatens to export its Ukrainian crisis to the United States by expanding its military cooperation with Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, the Western Hemisphere’s commitment to democracy does not seem too urgent,” he said. Kerry HannanUndersecretary for Public Diplomacy, Policy, Planning and Coordination.

Close relationships

Some Latin American countries do not condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine because of their ideological and economic ties with Moscow, which stand out precisely because of their anti-democratic practices, such as Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela.

He has been a key ally of Russian President Nicolas Maduro and has helped him stay in power in Venezuela through billionaire loans, military training and vaccine donations. In 2019, Chavista pledged $ 532 million to Moscow until 2022 and $ 684 million between 2023 and 2026.

According to Cuban news agency Brenza Latin, the Kremlin provided $ 2.3 billion to Havana to finance energy and transportation projects, as well as to guarantee supplies to the island.

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Russia has lent millions to President Daniel Ortega to expand Managua Airport and donated buses to upgrade capital transport. However, the military is cooperating immensely by donating abandoned tanks.

Feet to China

In his speech, Hannan criticized Beijing’s position. “Our region, with a few exceptions, has condemned Russia and supported our efforts to urge Russia to immediately end the war against Ukraine and demand a diplomatic solution. They are trying to save Russia from condemnation in international organizations. “

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Chinese envoy Wang Yi have agreed to intensify cooperation between their countries in a “consistent and sustainable manner” amid “complex international conditions,” according to the Russian firm Interfax. The cooperation will include a united front on global issues and the development of a coordinated foreign policy between the two allies, who have already formalized their strategic partnership in a meeting between their respective presidents, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin in Beijing. 20 days before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The leaders then put forward a proposal for a new world order led by the United States and the West.

The Russian minister yesterday reiterated that Putin and Xi had agreed to coordinate with Beijing. “We are going through a critical moment in the history of international relations. After the results, I firmly believe that the international situation will become much clearer and, together with you and other like-minded countries, we will move towards a strong, just and democratic world,” Lavrov said.

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