June 20, 2024

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A prisoner is killed and a hostage is released at a Texas synagogue

The FBI identified the man but said they were “not ready to release him.”

The four hostages were safe and their captor died after an hour-long siege, which began when services at a Texas synagogue were disrupted on Saturday, where he wandered into a live webcast and demanded the release of a Pakistani neurologist. Kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

One of the hostages was released during the siege of Congress Beth Israel in Goliville.

The other three left around 9pm when the FBI raid team entered the building, officials said. The detainee was killed, and FBI Special Agent Matt DeSarno said a team would investigate the “shooting incident”.

Dallas TV Wfaa footage showed people running out of the synagogue door, then a man with a handgun opened the same door and a few seconds later closed it again.

A few minutes later, several rounds of gunfire were heard, followed by explosions.

FBI and police spokesmen declined to comment on who shot the man.

The captive was particularly concerned with an issue not directly related to the Jewish community, Disarno said, and at first there was no indication that it was part of a larger conspiracy.

However, he noted that the agency’s investigation would be “global in scope”.

It is not clear why the man chose the synagogue as his target.

The detainee has demanded the release of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani neurologist suspected of having links to Al Qaeda, by security officials who did not have the authority to comment on the open investigation and who spoke to the AP anonymously.

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He also said he wanted to talk to her, according to officials. Siddique is currently being held at the Central Jail in Texas.

DeSarno noted that the person was identified Saturday night, “but we are not prepared to release his identity or confirm his identity at this time.”


A security official said a rabbi in New York City had received a call from a rabbi believed to be detained at a synagogue demanding Siddiqui’s release. New York Rabbi called 911.

According to Dallas FBI spokeswoman Katie Chaumont, police were first notified to go to the synagogue around 11 a.m., and people were quickly evacuated from nearby areas.

Saturday services were broadcast live on the Facebook page of the synagogue.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, during the broadcast, which did not show what was going on in the scene, an angry man could be heard wandering around and sometimes talking about religion.

After 2:00 pm, the person said, “You have to do something. I do not want to see this guy die. “The broadcast was cut off shortly afterwards.

Many have heard the captive refer to Siddiqui as his “sister” on the broadcast.

But John Floyd, head of the Houston chapter of the Council for American-Islamic Relations, the country’s largest Muslim legal body, said Siddiqui’s brother, Mohammed Siddiqui, was not involved.

Colliville, with a population of about 26,000, is located 14 miles northeast of Fort Worth.

The synagogue is located in the middle of large houses in a leafy residential area that includes several churches, a middle and elementary school and a horse farm.

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Thank you President

US President Joe Biden has issued a statement thanking security forces after the siege ended.

“In the next few days we will learn more about the prisoner’s motives. But I make it clear to anyone who tries to spread hatred: we will stand up against the rise of anti-Semitism and extremism in this country. “

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett said on Twitter that he was watching the situation closely.

“This event is a stark reminder that anti-Semitism lives on, and we must fight it around the world,” he wrote. The president said he was “relieved and grateful” that the hostages had been released.

The incident sparked security operations in other places, including New York City, where police said they had increased their presence in “major Jewish institutions” as a precaution.

Siddiqui was convicted of assaulting and shooting U.S. soldiers detained in Afghanistan two years ago, and before graduating in 2010 with 86 years in prison, received top degrees at the University of Brandeis and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The sentence sparked outrage among political leaders and female supporters in Pakistan, who saw it as a victim of the American penal system.

Since then, Pakistani authorities have publicly expressed interest in a deal or exchange that would free him from US custody and his case continues to attract supporters.

In 2018, an Ohio man was sentenced to 22 years in prison after prosecutors said he planned to go to Texas and attack an incarcerated prison in an attempt to free the conspirator.

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