July 24, 2024

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Venezuelans killed for testifying against criminal gangs (+details)

Venezuelans killed for testifying against criminal gangs (+details)

Three Venezuelans who testified against criminal gangs were shot dead in Lamba, Chile. The murders took place in Santiago’s metropolitan area in March and June this year.

Initially, local media reported that they were protected witnesses of the Chilean prosecutor’s office; However, this version was rejected.

Venezuelans have been killed for testifying against criminal gangs

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The crime took place in the early hours of June 5 in the area of ​​Lo Etchevers and Sorillo Tres sector. Two bodies were found with more than six gunshot wounds to the head and chest.

According to local media T13, two young Venezuelans were initially spoken of as protected witnesses who cooperated with the prosecutor’s office. However, a Venezuelan woman who cooperated with authorities was also killed in the framework of an undercover investigation into organized crime.

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The first homicide was recorded last March when a Venezuelan woman was shot dead at a gas station.

Murder of Venezuela

At the time, the BBCL media reported that the teenager had qualified as a witness in the investigation by the prosecutor’s office and investigative police.

The woman was a Benquista drug trafficker, the gang killers of Venezuelan origin and informed us of the connections between the three murders in Gran Concepcion.

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The other two cases date back to June 5, when authorities opened an investigation into a double murder by gunfire in the commune of Lamba.

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Up to 20 bullets were found around the bodies.

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