April 18, 2024

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DolarToday and Monitor, Venezuela: What is the Purchase and Sale Price, Today, Sunday, January 16, 2022 | BCV | Venezuela | BDV | Co-dollar | NNDC | Economy

The In Venezuela, according to Dollar Today, it was operating amid US announcements that it would reconsider its sanctions against the oil nation if the talks progressed.

Initially, the dollar was 4.80 digital bolivars in the informal market in Venezuela, down 0.41% compared to the previous day’s 4.82, according to data from the portal. The dollar today.

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The United States on Thursday vowed to reconsider its policy of pressure and sanctions against Venezuela if President Nicolas Maduro and the political opposition resume abrupt talks in October and move forward with firm conclusions.

There is no solution to the situation in Venezuela in WashingtonJuan Gonzalez, director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere, told the Associated Press in a telephone interview. “We have made it clear that the United States is ready to ease sanctions based on the results of the dialogue.”.

Gonzalez’s statements come three months after the Caracas government decided to disrupt talks with opposition parties in Mexico in retaliation for the deportation of Colombian businessman Alex Sappe. Washington has been a key witness in corruption cases against Venezuela aired in Miami and other cities across the country.

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Saab, who was deported from Cape Verde to the United States, was appointed by Caracas as a diplomat during those talks. The Venezuelan government is believed to have made several corrupt deals with him. His extradition further destabilized relations between the two countries, and in response sent six U.S. oil executives under house arrest to Caracas prison.

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Gonzalez’s statement comes just days after the opposition’s victory for the governor in the state of Parinas, the home state of the late former president Hugo Chavez. Sergio Garrido defeated former foreign minister Jorge Areza there, and senior members of his ruling party took part in his campaign in an effort to maintain control of the Savista fortress.

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