May 23, 2024

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A Brazilian judge has warned that if Bolsanarista “digital fighters” act in the 2022 election, they will have their nominations suspended and jailed.


29 October 2021 00:59 GMT

The Electoral Court also decided in 2018 to withdraw the Bolsanarismo deputy post for spreading false news about the electronic ballot box.

Judge Alexander de Moraes, One of the main enemies of the President of Brazil, Jair Polsanaro warned this Thursday that the candidates for the 2022 elections will be suspended and that those responsible for spreading false news will go to jail for “attacking elections and democracy” if they are widely published.

The magistrate issued the statements after a complaint was filed by the Labor Party (PT) alleging that Polsanaro and his deputy, Hamilton Mauro, were involved in crimes such as “abuse of economic power” and manipulation of the media. To do “mass shooting of news” by hiring companies.

Moraes, who took over as head of the TSE in August, voted against Bolzano’s dismissal due to lack of evidence, but the court said “I will not be surprised” In 2022. “We know what happened. We know what’s going on and we will not allow it to happen,” the magistrate warned. Are preparing to spread hatred“.

Before the second round of elections on October 28, 2018, WhatsApp was disabled Hundreds of thousands of accounts After a Controversy The application against the then left-wing candidate for the presidency of Brazil, Fernando Hadat, was unleashed when the news of the “tsunami” was made public.

“If 2018 happens again, Nomination will be canceled Those who do so will go to jail for attacking the electoral process and democracy in Brazil, ”the judge added.

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De Moraes, who is also a member of the Supreme Court, is in charge of a process of spreading false news on social media, for which Bolzano is being investigated. In recent months, differences between the two have intensified, with the president directly attacking the judge in an anti-democratic act last September.

The far right confirmed that he would not be bound by the magistrate’s decision, which caused the political turmoil that ended when Bolzano left. Withdrawn.

The deputy was deposed

This Thursday, by a margin of six votes in favor and one vote against, the TSE also decided to withdraw the post of Bolsanarita deputy Fernando Francisini for spreading false news about electronic ballots during the 2018 elections.

Beginning in 2018, the court ruled that Parana’s state vice president would not qualify for eight years. This is the first time the TSE has taken this kind of decision against a politician.

That year, without presenting evidence, Francisini confirmed in a video posted on social media that electronic ballot boxes had been manipulated to prevent Bolzano’s election.

Judge Luis Felipe Salomo said the deputy’s complaints “misled millions of voters” and recalled the entire record. Six million views, 105,000 comments and shared 400,000 times before being deleted.