May 22, 2024

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Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will no longer be renamed Meta

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Photo: Facebook

The Consultant Facebook Representative, Mark Zuckerberg, Advertising The company he runs this Thursday, the owner of a social network with his name on it, like Instagram and WhatsApp, will be renamed Meta to reflect its commitment to virtual reality.

Zuckerberg revealed the name change in the structure of the Connect Conference on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, in which he again explained his vision for what the company calls “Metawares”, which seeks to assign 100% digital parallel reality to meta. Your investments in the coming years.

Change only affects Company The umbrella of all these applications, so the social network is constantly called Facebook and the change, in practice, has almost no effect on the majority of users.

This is very similar to what Google did in 2015, when it restructured Google’s internal structure and created a parent company, Alphabet, with several subsidiaries, including Google, Vemo (autonomous automotive division) and Internet provider Google Fiber. , Among others.

The future of mankind

The name change will be reflected in the New York Stock Exchange from December 1 and will now be listed under MVRS, the company that trades under the acronym FB.

In his presentation this Thursday, Zuckerberg showed many examples of what the future of humanity should be like in his opinion in “Metawares” in which people move with their personalized avatars and wear the digital clothing they buy into it. The same universe and they attend events like concerts.

In mid-October, Facebook announced it would create 10,000 new jobs in Europe over the next five years.

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