Steps LED Lighting Companies Can Take to Improve Profitability

Below I have outlined some measures that companies can take to both save money and continue to earn more revenues despite high levels of competition and tariffs. Install LED Lighting and IoT-based Light Monitoring in Your Own Offices (Don’t be Hypocritical!) It would be hypocritical if an LED lighting company …

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Smart Grow Lights, One of the Best Value-Added IoT Applications Yet

Smart grow lights may be the most value-added Internet-connected lighting application yet. A plant growth environment must have the ideal conditions for each stage of plant growth. So, an entirely controlled environment requires numerous sensors including temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, etc… Plants also need watering, and of course, most importantly …

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2017 LED Lighting and IoT Industry Year in Review

A lot happened this year in the IoT-connected lighting realm. Numerous companies came out with new IoT-based lighting products, sensors, controllers, and software and platforms. However, Philips appears to be the biggest mover and shaker of the IoT lighting world for the year. In a milestone of its wide-ranging adoption, …

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