June 25, 2024

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The design upgrade shines in the new leak

The design upgrade shines in the new leak

The next iPhones won’t arrive until this fall, but a new report has revealed that there could be a new, brighter display in the near future for the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max, 20% brighter than the current iPhone 15 Pro.

According to the Weibo leaker Instant digitalThe iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will have a display with a brightness of up to 1,200 nits in typical use, compared to 1,000 nits on the iPhone 15 Pro.

May 12 update below. This post was first published on May 11, 2024.

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The iPhone 15 Pro also offers up to 1,600 nits of brightness for HDR content, and it’s believed that the next models will match this HDR brightness.

Instant Digital has a good track record that includes a recent report that the iPad Pro will have a nano-textured glass option, and that the front camera will be on the natural edge. Both of these rumors were confirmed on Tuesday, May 7 when the new iPad Pro was announced.

Something else was confirmed at this launch: that the iPad Pro will use something called Tandem OLED, a system that uses two OLED displays together (in tandem, you might say) to create a suitably bright display that a single OLED display alone can’t manage.

Apple describes the iPad Pro’s display as “the world’s most advanced display.” So, it looks like Apple may have a similar display upgrade lined up for this year’s iPhone Pro.

The typical brightness level for an iPhone has been 1,000 nits for nearly three years now: a 1,000 nits level is being introduced in 2021. Which means if this report is correct, the iPhone’s daily brightness is set to be The 16 Pro is noticeably higher than it currently is. These brightness levels are important, especially for users who tend to look at their phones outside. We can all relate to seeing screens that are too dark to see in sunlight, especially through sunglasses.

There have already been several reports of updates to the iPhone 16 range, such as a new strategy for new generation processors, more advanced camera lenses, a new thermal design to prevent overheating, improved battery life, a new microphone to improve Siri, an additional button designed for video shooting and an improved main camera sensor. So, the suggestion that the screen is about to get brighter is another exciting promise. Let’s see if it has been fulfilled.

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Updated May 11. The new design for the upcoming iPhone won’t be limited to a brighter display, although that’s certainly a major improvement. It is believed that the design of cameras is about to change as well. This makes sense, since it’s a major upgrade item.

But while the new iPad Pro dropped the ultra-wide camera entirely, it looks like the iPhone 16 Pro will see a pixel boost from 12MP to 48MP.

New report from 9to5Mac Comments indicate that many of the rumors all point in this direction, to offer an ultra-wide camera that works better, especially in low-light environments and potential improvements to spatial video photography.

The report also claims that the 5x optical zoom telephoto lens found on the iPhone 15 Pro Max could come to both the iPhone 16 Pro Max and also the smaller iPhone 16 Pro.

Other design improvements in terms of the camera could include a new lens coating which reduces internal reflections for improved images. Finally, there could be an all-new main camera sensor, likely with the same 48-megapixel resolution as now, but using stacked sensor technology that, as the report says, “allows the photodiodes themselves – the part that actually captures the light” – to They are noticeably larger for the same total pixel size.

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