May 19, 2024

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They found the missing piece of a historic Egyptian statue and ended the mystery

They found the missing piece of a historic Egyptian statue and ended the mystery

After 96 years, archaeologists have finally found the missing part of a legendary Egyptian statue.
Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

When thinking about the great architectural works of world history that represent the planet, one figure that emerges is, without a doubt, Ramses II. A testament to what civilizations could do tens of thousands of years ago, the nearly 7-meter-tall statue of the pharaohs, one of the most iconic figures in ancient Egypt, awes the world. Now, in an archaeological research, the upper part of the statue of the pharaoh has been discovered.

By: Nation

Mustafa Waziri, secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, confirmed the news in a statement. According to him, the upper part of a statue of Ramses II was found buried in the ancient city of Hermopolis Magna, where he is seen as symbols of power with the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt and a royal cobra ornament. Divinity.

The archaeological survey, which began in 2023 with the aim of exploring the ancient religious center, was led by Bassem Jihad of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and Yvonne Drunka, an archaeologist at the University of Colorado.

According to the first studies, this fragment will complete the lower part of the statue discovered in 1930 by the German archaeologist Gunther Roeder in Minya, 240 kilometers from Cairo. Since then, questions about what remains of the statue have remained open for nearly a century… until today.

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