LED Lighting Optics, Drivers and Power

Tridonic Launches deviceConfigurator

Tridonic has introduced a new software solution for driver configuration the company aptly names deviceConfigurator. The company contends that software allows customers to edit driver settings while reducing programming errors. The application can configure Tridconic’s EXCITE and PREMIUM drivers. The software also supports the company’s DALI USB interface and the …

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U.S. DOE Releases Report About Power Reporting Capabilities of Commercially Available PoE Lighting Systems

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released the first portion of a study examining the power reporting capabilities of marketed power over ethernet connected lighting systems. Power Over Ethernet (PoE) refers to systems which use a single Ethernet cable to both bring low-voltage DC power and enable network communication. …

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Inventronics Expands Wireless Dimming Controller Options

Inventronics releases Enocean compatible LED dimmer driver Ctl-Enoc-xx

Inventronics of Hangzhou, China, has expanded its wireless dimming controller options. The company released the CTL-ENOC-EU for use with EnOcean-based lighting devices. This new product the CTL-ENOC-EU is certified for use in Europe, while the previously released Inventronics CTL-ENOC-NA is certified for use in North America. Both the CTL-ENOC-EU and the …

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Soraa Lamps Illuminate Cimematic Costumes at Heritage Museums & Gardens

Soraa of Fremont, California USA, announced that its LED lamps illuminate some of the most famous cinematic clothing showcased at the Heritage Museums & Gardens in Sandwich, Massachusetts. The Heritage Museums & Gardens’ CUT! Costume and the Cinema exhibit grants visitors the rare opportunity to see up close more than …

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Osram to Invest in Future of Lighting

Osram said in a press release about quarterly earnings that the company would continue investing in the lighting market, which is shifting towards semiconductor technology. The company plans to sell its ailing general lighting, conventional lamps business and is still apparently seeking offers to purchase the business. Osram announced an …

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Cree to Debut Two New Luminaires that Use its New WaveMax Technology

Cree of Durham, North Carolina USA, has introduced a technology that goes beyond their usual advancements in LEDs into LED optics. The company’s new technology WaveMax brings precision to waveguides. According to Cree, the new WaveMax technology eliminates multiple layers and materials that add to cost and complexity and waste …

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