June 7, 2023

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“Yuja Wang’s hands…”

Homo sapiens sapiensCalled by anthropology Modern humans, the brainchild of Einstein and the hands of Yuja Wang, maintains a powerful tendency to expand, occupy new places, and leave Africa in exchange for the world. Even when sedentary, they continue to migrate to explore and build large domains, according to experts, the Akkadian Empire, mentioned by Conan, an ancestor of former California Governor Schwarzenegger. XXIV century BC. C, mankind lived under empires, nothing new, or a higher state Capitalism, unless we believe that General Motors was sponsored by Akhenaten and Nefertiti or Agamemnon, according to Lenin, who crossed the Aegean to Turkey to conquer Troy. Since then, each region has been under the influence of city, town, and empires, with cycles of disorder and restoration, some falling and others beginning. As pure models or ideal types, they are divided into two branches: PredatorsThose who are only interested in taking what they can, and creatingCivilizations, stable societies, flourish, for their own and foreign benefit, according to the Spanish philosopher Gustavo Bueno, are the creators of the other.

Marx sympathized with empires for being inherent in the development of civilization In 1850, he said that thanks to European progress, someone would soon be writing on the Great Wall of China. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, and as far as is known, they did not accuse him of being Eurocentric or racist. Opposite Parallel (Meridian?) The Nationalism European, French and North American Revolutions and the independence of Latin America. It arises in the midst of endless debate and Endless, on the multifaceted concept of the nation, was recently analyzed by my esteemed friend Eduardo Jorge Pratts. On the one hand, perspective love of the nation or HomelandCreated by the German philosopher Johann Hamann, a polemical poem inspired by him, which sums up “children in the streets, love in memory and bones in graves”), people’s feelings rooted in tradition, language, race and land, the Identity. Renan quips, “We can’t measure people’s skulls and walk the streets and yell at them, ‘You’re mine.’ In Roman law, UT Positidis Uris(what is thine own thou shalt own) gives a fixed character to sovereignty which, though Latin-sounding, lacks universality, as it applies only to military support.

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Until Germany’s victory in the Franco-Prussian War (1871), Alsace-Lorraine belonged to France. And the Treaty of Frankfurt, a convention that sent it to the enemy’s mustache. After Germany was defeated in the First War (1919), it returned to French hands through the Treaty of Versailles. In the covenants, no one cares how many Alsatians speak German or French, whether they are Protestants, Catholics, if they like, or if they sing. October Festschlager. In the international arena, there is a concept of nation Constructivist And the purely political, territorial division agreed between the states and the patricians of constitutional law, Hans Kelsen says with arctic coldness, in the style of the first French constitution (1791), a nation is “a collection of administrative acts governed by law,” plain and simple, without Popular cultureNo dead children. Until the middle of the 20th century, Ukraine was Russia and its territories were Poland, but today it is an independent country and “special military action” is, according to the law, a violation of sovereignty, no matter how many Ukrainians speak Russian and new norms will apply in the future.

Territorial sovereignty does not repeat history, but the interactions of forces in it, because always the more powerful, aggressive, intelligent, armed, creative, hardworking and productive countries prevail over others. If not, half of the people in America today would be from Mexico. But regional destiny is changeable: no one in 1800 could have imagined that the United States would rule the world a century later, as someone says today that the superpower in the 22nd century would be South Africa. The life of the backward countries changed with the imperialist theory of Rudolf Hilferding.Financial capital) and Lenin (Imperialism is the final stage of capitalism) to abhor capitalist wealth, establishing it throughout the Third World from the Soviet Empire. Maria Elvira Roca points to an epistemological confusion between concepts of empire and colonialism stemming from Leninism. Empire defines expansion systems creatingThey do not hunt, but to create institutions, mestizo and stable, productive societies, thanks to consensus management, great civilizations, Mongolia, China, Rome, Spain, Russia, America. U.U. Eighth and IX centuries, it is medicine, architecture, Avicenna, Averroes, the One thousand and one nightsbelly dance, Rubayadas By Umar Al Ghayyan.

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Colonialism or Predatory empires There were England, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Asia and Africa. In the judicial process against Christ, Rome refuses to participate in its abuses, the respect for the events of justice of the Roman Empire is obvious. Instead, Napoleon called himself emperor for a short period of less than 11 years, ending at Waterloo, during which time his relatives were “kings.” Leninist theory, as Carlos Rangel put it, constitutes Third Worldism, which views the relationship between developed and underdeveloped countries as a paradoxical conflict that only resolves the divide (communism) and not as a complementary conflict. Although good does not prevail in relations between nations or between peoples A pioneer, but societies with some or more obvious interests aligned with the United States fared better than hostile ones such as the Soviet Bloc, Cuba, North Korea, and socialist Africa. Now the world would be better off if he returned to US-China coexistence.

The dominant factor in international relations today is the hegemony crisis between these two powers, it is not organizationally born, although visionary political decisions create it. It’s Trump and Biden’s drunk bans, their actions are not pioneers, not superpower leaders: they’re breaking the nuclear deal with Iran, they’re sowing war in Ukraine, now Cubanizing Venezuela or Haitianizing China; They pressure Argentina to buy expensive airplanes, they bully Saudi Arabia and then watch it, they consciously sacrifice Europe, they print currency without restraint to fund a clumsy international policy, they confront the epidemic with financial irresponsibility, they pursue populist domestic economic policy so the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. , which promotes a banking crisis. They say the art of statehood is to “prevent everyone from leaving at once,” but Trump and Biden aren’t listening. As I have written many times by following the cunning tactics of the Rand Corporation and allowing a wedge between China and Russia, the US has done itself the worst damage by needlessly driving its best ally, NATO, into the abyss.

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China was (and still is) the “West’s” first trading partner. And since his visit to Germany in 2010, Putin has also made efforts to stay together. He then proposed a “free trade community from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, backed by former German chancellor Hegard Schröder (Socialist) and chancellor Angela Merkel (Christian Democrats), saying “Russia has long ceased to be an adversary, but a partner. The EU and Germany”. . On the honeymoon, Europe preemptively celebrated an agreement between NATO and Russia to “develop an anti-missile shield in Europe.” The European Commission from Brussels announced that “Both sides are convinced that this agreement will facilitate Russia’s entry into the WTO.” Yet the great optimism in 2018 is largely explained by analysts Northern Stream IIThis would solve the low-cost energy supply to compensate for Europe’s low productivity due to tax restrictions, little innovation and non-existent defense capabilities.

The pipeline will cross the Baltic, not Ukraine, because for the EU it is a failed, organ-trafficking, corrupt state.. Russia and Germany agree Northern Stream II, 15,000 million dollars of infrastructure, they did not let it open and then they destroyed it quietly, a punishment for the European economy, even if it was thrown into the hands of the Chinese or Cheyenne. Instead of annexing Russia, they decided to harass Russia and advance towards its borders, marked by the Maidan coup of 2014, which drove the Russian-speaking population out of Kiev and into Tombas and Donets. The war began. The world hangs on: war in Ukraine, provocations in Taiwan, hostilities between Israel and Iran and hostilities between the US and Iran, a political-military-humanitarian crisis in Sudan, and powerful nations confronting the dollar. The left uses the nuclear power plant, the culmination of conflicts everywhere, to wash its face and present itself as Nazarenes. I don’t know where Einstein’s brain and Yuja Wang’s hands came from.