February 29, 2024

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Who is eligible for the new immigration program for Venezuelans in the US?

Who is eligible for the new immigration program for Venezuelans in the US?

(CNN Spanish) — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will launch a new program targeting the return to Mexico of Venezuelan immigrants seeking to enter the United States and illegal border crossers.

The program for Venezuelans is similar to the approach the administration took toward Ukrainians earlier this year. They must apply, have an American sponsor, and be screened and vetted, as well as fully vaccinated.

These are the keys to a migration plan for Venezuelans.

What does an organized migration program consist of?

The Orderly Migration Program for Venezuelans is intended to serve as an expanded and more orderly process for the migration of Venezuelans to the United States. If the immigrant meets the criteria, they are paroled into the United States with the ability to work legally in the country as well.

Through this program, a Venezuelan citizen can legally enter the United States if a person or organization in that country supports the applicant’s request. This person will enter the United States by air and will be able to apply for a job during their immigration process, A statement from the Mexican Foreign Ministry said.

Stranded migrants, mostly from Venezuela, board a boat in the Colombian port city of Necogli, cross neighboring Panama and continue their journey to the United States, October 11, 2022. – Thousands of migrants heading to the United States, mostly from Venezuela, are stranded in Necogli as they wait for ships to cross to neighboring Panama to continue their perilous journey north. (Photo by Danilo GOMEZ/AFP) (Photo by DANILO GOMEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

The program prioritizes entry into the United States by air rather than through the Mexican border. This is to prevent irregular migration and “undocumented traffic that endangers their safety while crossing the region,” the report said.

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Who is eligible for this procedure and who is not?

As per DHS criteria, process will only accept For applicants who comply with program rules and do not present themselves at the border between Mexico and the United States.

Venezuelans must have a sponsor, either a natural person or an entity in the United States, supporting the applicant’s application, who, if admitted, can only enter the country by air and not by land, DHS says. While you are in the country, you can apply for a job during your relevant immigration process.

People of Venezuela:

  • Have a sponsor in the U.S. who provides financial and “other” support, the DHS website says, without specifying what other support.
  • Pass stringent biometric and biographical controls on national security and public safety.
  • Complete vaccinations and other general health requirements.

People of Venezuela:

  • They have been expelled from the United States for the past five years.
  • They crossed the US border illegally after the October 12 announcement.
  • They irregularly entered Panama or Mexico after the date of notification.
  • Permanent residents of a country other than Venezuela or dual citizens of any country other than Venezuela or currently holding refugee status in any country.
  • They do not have vaccinations or other public health requirements.

Venezuelans currently in Mexican territory must “verify entry into Mexico” before Oct. 12 and “request access to the United States in an orderly manner,” according to a statement from Mexico’s SRE.

“Those entering Mexico as of today (October 12, 2022) will not be able to submit their application from our national territory,” it added.

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When can sponsors register?

DHS says on its website that more information about sponsors, businesses or individuals, will be available soon. You can visit the program website to stay tuned for more information: www.uscis.gov/Venezuela

How many visas are available to Venezuelans?

US officials will begin managing the arrival of 24,000 Venezuelan migrants by plane.

“Venezuelan nationals authorized through this process will be authorized on a case-by-case basis to fly to the United States directly at a domestic port of entry, thereby reducing pressure at the border. Once in the United States, they will be eligible. To apply for authorization, work,” the U.S. Department of Homeland Security said in a statement.

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What role will Mexico play in this new plan?

Mexico will still have to work to control the thousands of migrants arriving in the country seeking passage to the United States, announcing that it will “continue its unilateral policy of receiving migrants through Title 42 for humanitarian reasons.”

The plan comes amid an influx of immigrants from those countries along the U.S.-Mexico border, draining border towns and federal resources. In August, 55,333 migrants arrived at the border from Venezuela, Cuba or Nicaragua, a 175% increase from last August, the Department of Homeland Security said.

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Mexico, the United States increased labor mobility capacity for the region and will provide an additional 65,000 H2-B work visas for temporary non-agricultural workers, including 20,000 for those from Central America and Haiti. This is with the exception of visas for Venezuelan nationals.