April 13, 2024

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Which country has the most readers in the world and in South America? You won't believe the answer | Answers

Which country has the most readers in the world and in South America?  You won't believe the answer |  Answers

In addition to providing information, the act of reading is important for personal development as it encourages reflection, analysis and concentration, and provides greater satisfaction and well-being. In this sense, the Reading It is considered a powerful tool for intellectual, emotional and social development.

The act of reading is done all over the world, but it is not practiced in the same way in all countries. While many analyze this activity by the number of books read per year, it can also be measured by the number of hours people spend reading.

In this regard, the World Atlas platform compiled and shared a ranking of which countries spend the most time reading during the week, and surprisingly only one Latin American country was in the top 15 of the list. Below, we will tell you all the details.

Which is the most educated country in the world?

According to the newspaper Republic In Colombia, India occupies the first position in the ranking shared by the World Atlas, which invests 10.7 hours per week in reading. Although the country has a lower literacy rate than the world average, it ranks as the country with the highest number of hours devoted to printed and digital texts.

In second place is Thailand, where residents spend 9.4 hours a week immersed in reading; Then, closing the stage, comes China, where they invest at least eight hours a week in the process in question.

The Philippines rounded out the top 10 with 7.6 hours per week, followed by Egypt (7.5), Czech Republic (7.4), Switzerland (7.1), France (6.9), Hungary (6.8) and Saudi Arabia (6.8).

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Which Latin American country invests the most time in reading?

The rankings published by World Atlas include some Latin American countries, and it was surprising that there was only one in the top 15. This is Venezuela, which occupies the 13th box, investing an average of 6.4 hours per week in reading.

It is the only Latin American country in the top 15 and the only country in South America. Below Venezuela, Mexico appears at 5.5 hours and Brazil at 5.2 hours.

Which countries invest the most hours in reading?

In the top 15 countries that invest the most time in reading, there are 5 countries from Asia, 5 from Europe, 2 from Africa, 1 from Oceania, 1 from the Americas, and another that is technically not a country.

  1. India | 10.7 hours of reading per week
  2. Thailand | 9.4
  3. China | 8
  4. Philippines | 7.6
  5. Egypt | 7.5
  6. Czech Republic | 7.4
  7. Sweden | 7.1
  8. France | 6.9
  9. Hungary | 6.8
  10. Saudi Arabia | 6.8
  11. Hong Kong | 6.7
  12. Poland | 6.5
  13. Venezuela | 6.4
  14. South Africa | 6.3
  15. Australia | 6.3

How to develop a reading habit?

If you're trying to develop this healthy habit, we've shared a series of tips below:

  • Make your daily “triggers”: That is, you set specific times in a day when you start studying. For example: 1) reading after watching television; 2) Read while you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner; 3) Read when you go to bed. That means 5 daily prompts and 4 pages per session (more or less), for a total of 20 pages per day. Although it may not seem like it, it is a good start, because as they always say, A little is better than nothing.
  • Enjoy reading: Don't see it as a chore or rush to prioritize other “urgent” things. Instead, think of reading sessions as a gift to yourself. Immerse yourself in the world of books and let the new experience change you and give you new perspectives.
  • Choose the books you like or find interesting: This point is a complement to the previous point. If a book bores you after a few days (because you gave it a chance), put it down.
  • Try carrying a book everywhere you go: You can take advantage of those moments Bus or micro, in the waiting room, in a queue, etc.. These are the moments we should study and take advantage of. Choosing a convenient wallet will allow you to carry the book wherever you go.
  • Put away electronic devices: The best way to focus is to put your devices away because notifications can distract you. If necessary, place them inside a closet or a closet.
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How many books have you read this year? This question may help you to think about reading habits as it stimulates our brain and helps us push our imagination beyond the limits.