June 13, 2024

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What is Gustavo Pedro’s position in Venezuela?

What is Gustavo Pedro’s position in Venezuela?

President Selected From Colombia, Gustavo Pedro, Savista had a vague position in Venezuela. He did not condemn human rights abuses or refer to Nicolas Maduro as a dictator like Ivan Duke did, but he did not maintain full support in the style of Evo Morales.

In 2016, one of his most controversial statements came as people were dramatically losing weight despite the lack of protein in supermarkets across the country. According to Enkovi, the average Venezuelan population lost 8.5 kg that year.

For the absent Pedro, he wanted to contradict the crisis in a tweet that many will remember this Sunday after the presidential election. “I went to a supermarket in Caracas and saw what I found. Did RCN deceive me?” The former guerrilla wrote on his Twitter account that he had posted photos of a company with food that a few Venezuelan people could buy.

In March 2016, when Petro’s tweet appeared, the price of a basic family basket was 142,853.20 bolivars, while the minimum wage was 11,577.81 bolivars. That is, a family of five required a minimum wage of 12.3 per basket.

The president-elect did not hide his outspoken admiration for the late Hugo Chavez. After his death, the former mayor called the military “the best Latin American leader.”

“You lived in Chavez’s time, you probably thought he was a clown. You deceived yourself. You lived in the time of a great Latin American leader,” he promised in another tweet: He will be human, and those who criticize him will forget. “

In 1994, Chavez traveled to Bogot and photographed members of the Colombian guerrilla organization M-19, of which Pedro was a member.

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The president-elect said on Twitter: “We walked through Seventh Pedestrian Street now in 1994. He did not know he was going to be president of Venezuela, and neither I nor the mayor of Bogota. What are we talking about the seventh? Social justice in Bolivar and South America. What surprised me about the humble, young and rebellious Chavez of 1994? His resemblance to Batman, Torrijos, M19. A friend and a hopeful left.

Maduro’s story is different. Despite denying the crisis and trying to defend his rule in 2016, there has recently been a public debate among them.

On the show கொலுசு கொடுப்பதோடுMaduro attacked the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, the President of Peru, Pedro Castillo and Pedro.

“Every day there is a campaign against Venezuela. A cowardly left emerged based on attacking the successful, successful Bolivarian model. In attacking the historical heritage and in attacking me as president. They have no morals and they are not in a position to attack the Bolivarian revolution, ”said the Venezuelan regime leader.

He added: “That cowardly left is the defeated, defeated left. A cowardly leftist against imperialism, against oligarchy. So they want to wear a veneer so that the oligarchs can forgive them. The worst thing of all is that they will not forgive them. They take the bad face against the revolutionaries, against the Bolivarians.

In response, Pedro used Twitter again. “I urge the government to stop insulting Maduro,” he said. Those who do not embrace democracy are cowards, ”he said. “Get Venezuela out of oil, into a deeper democracy, and if you step aside, do it,” he concluded.

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However, since Maduro was one of the first to greet him after the victory, there will be changes in the relationship between the two. “I congratulate Gustavo Pedro and Francia Marquez on their historic victory in the presidential election in Colombia. The will of the Colombian people who came to defend the path of democracy and peace was heard. New times are on the horizon for this fraternal country, ”he wrote on Twitter.

Another contentious situation between Pedro and Venezuela is his accusation against former political prisoner Laurent Sale. In February 2019, the left-wing leader compared the two Venezuelan people to different circumstances, but without naming any names.

“One Venezuelan misplaced his car, was arrested, immediately expelled and separated from his Colombian family. The other took drugs and beat two Colombian women, but they photograph him as a hero next to the president. The reason? Came from the first, the second neo-Nazi,” he said. Mentioned on his Twitter.

Three years later, after a judicial reconciliation process for libel and libel, he retreated: “I do not know of any indication or evidence that Venezuelan citizen Laurent Saleh abused men or women.

This Sunday, Petro was elected the new president of Colombia for 2022-2026, receiving more than 50% of the vote after the second presidential round.

During his campaign and discussions, he supported a number of controversial projects. He promises that under his potential government, there will be a transition from an oil and coal extraction economy to an economy based on agricultural productivity and the promotion of 11 major commodities to be harvested in the country.

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“The first decision I am going to make is to suspend the oil exploration deal in Colombia. This is a clear message: we are moving towards a manufacturing economy, not a separation economy,” he said. Time In an interview.

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