June 16, 2024

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Minute by minute in the second round of elections in Colombia | News

This Sunday at 08:00 local time, election day began, in which the Colombians elected the next head of state, who will hold office for four years.

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Voting begins in Colombia to elect a new president

Colombians voted between Gustavo Pedro and Rodolfo Hernandez, who defeated traditional parties in the first round of elections on May 29.

More than 39 million Colombians are eligible to vote as part of the election census. However, traditionally in Colombia not close to 50 percent voted.


Below is a minute-by-minute follow-up of the Colombian election process.

22:31 (03:31 GMT) .- Gustavo Pedro, the candidate for the historic agreement, received 11,281,013 votes, 50.44 percent, in the second round of the presidential election, with 100 percent of the tables reported.

For his part, League of Anti-Corruption Leaders candidate Rodolfo Hernandez received 10,580,412 votes, or 47.31 percent of the vote.


17H32 (22H32 GMT) .- Rodolfo Hernandez, the candidate for governors of the League of Anti-Corruption, acknowledges the victory of Gustavo Pedro in the second presidential round in Colombia.

17H25 (22H25 GMT) .- With 99.57 per cent turnout, Colombia’s National Register Gustavo Pedro’s candidate for the historic agreement received 50.48 per cent of the vote, while his rival Rodolfo Hernandez for the anti – corruption Governors League received 47.46 per cent. Percentage votes.

4:00 pm (GMT 9:00 pm) .- Alexander Vega Rocha, Colombia’s national registrar, announced the closure of the election process and the start of the day’s pre-vote count. “This day is a victory for Colombian democracy and the electoral system,” he said.

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3:25 pm (20:25 GMT) .- Officials with the National Register of Civil Status said the percentage of the two candidates fighting for the country’s presidency was zero and that the respective bulletins of informed tables would begin to be published once the process was completed.

1:45 pm (GMT 6:30 pm) .- According to Colombian media reports, Colombian elections in other countries are taking place normally, with high turnout in Australia, Berlin (Germany) and Paris (France).

1:30 pm (GMT 6:30 pm) .- As of noon, the Bogotá regional EOM had reported 32 irregularities during the polls, which were classified as: 11 calls for attention due to discrepancies in the free ballot, four advertisements in the media, 14 by election officials in Bogot,, 14, security and change of public order, and two issues raised with election managers at the polls. .

13H15 (18H15 GMT) .- The mayor of Bogot, Claudia Lopez, went to the polls and spoke of the quiet nature of election day.

1:00 pm (GMT 6:00 pm) .- The Election Monitoring Committee (MOE) lamented the murder of an election witness of the historic agreement in Guwahati, Gaga.

12H30 (17H30) .- Registrar Alexander Vega noted the condemnation of the historic deal, which he called a “fraudulent attempt” in the second round of the presidential election by handing out ballot-marked ballots in a blank ballot box.

12H00 (17H00) .- Defense Minister Diego Molano has announced that more than 320,000 uniformed personnel from the police, army, national navy and air force will guard election day across the country.

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11H30 (16H30) .- Vice Presidential candidate Francia Marquez exercised her right to vote at the Los Mercedes Circuit Coliseum in the Suarez municipality of Gaga.

11H00 (16H10 GMT) .- Candidate Gustavo Pedro condemned the historic deal candidate “in a formal attempt to nullify the ballot for change” by saying that “ballots previously marked by a point were given” in the “most voting areas”.

11H00 (16H00 GMT) .- Gustavo Pedro, the historic candidate for the presidency of Colombia, is exercising his right to vote. The political leader calls on the people to go out and vote en masse. “Today we must defeat any fraudulent attempt by a massive vote,” he warns.

10:30 a.m. (GMT 3:30 p.m.) .- A professional soldier identified as Eric Enrique Estrada was assassinated this Sunday in Campo Hermoso, southern Colombia, while participating in a pro-democracy program in San Vicente del Coquon. Special security device used for the second round of the Colombian legislative elections. The election was held this Sunday.

10H00 (15H00 GMT) .- National Election Council (CNE) Magistrate Luis Guillermo Perez has confirmed that election witnesses are the best guarantee for the results of this Sunday’s vote in Colombia.

09:30 (14:30 GMT) .- More than 38 million Colombians are eligible to vote at 112,897 tables across the region, according to the National Citizenship Registration and National Election Council.

09H00 (14H00 GMT) .- Registrar Alexander Vega said the final results would be known by 8:00 pm local time.

08:40 (13:40 GMT) .- Advancing his agenda, presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez exercised his right to vote at 08:00 at the Santander Educational Institution in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

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08:20 (13:20 GMT) “I call for campaigns that respect the decision of all Colombians,” National Election Council (CNE) President Cesar Afrio said in an official statement collected by CNE on Twitter.

08H10 (13H10 GMT.-Elections for the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections opened in Colombia this Sunday, June 19, in the presence of President Ivan Duque and Registrar Alexander Vega.

08H00 (13H00 GMT) .- Interior Minister Daniel Palacios announced that the referendum for the 2022 presidential election will be held in conjunction with the Registraduria of Colombia and local authorities in CNE and Bogot.