March 22, 2023

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The Argentine government says the aviation affair has not “changed” its relationship with Maduro and will continue to be politically “cold” with Iran.

Alfredo Leuco: “Christina’s Chavismo Falls From Maduro”

Both Venezuela and Iran, which have been embroiled in international corruption since the arrival of a cargo plane from Mexico on the 6th, have acted differently in their passports, protecting their citizens, raising suspicions of espionage and pending legal action. The court ruling is pending.

Iran maintains a tense diplomatic peace with the Caracas government, signaling its prudent support for its actions and pointing to its future demands for justice in the arrest of 14 Argentine civilians. To the government for suspicions surrounding the five citizens of that country who ended up with them at a hotel near Ezeiza International Airport.

The official source of Nicolas Maduro’s conversation with the government for Fernandez’s speech said, “They have not yet spoken to further complicate matters, but they have informed us that they support us and appreciate how we are behaving. Criticized.

From the government, if the case arises, it would be perfectly normal for Venezuela to launch a case against those responsible for the Embratur flight for “without proof” beyond the recent complaint of one of the Venezuelan detainees against the PSA. The situation was criticized as “Iran’s infiltration into the continent” and the close relationship between Maduro and the Iranian regime.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi welcomed Nicolas Maduro to Venezuela on June 11 in Tehran. (Photo by Iranian Presidency / AFP)

“The past few weeks have been full of propaganda, psychological activism, word wars (in Iran) that provoke a sense of insecurity and this case is part of it,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Gaddafi said on Monday. Legal action against the aircraft belonging to the great airline accused by Washington of collaborating in arms smuggling and terrorist activities.

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“According to Great Airlines, I think the plane was sold to Venezuela a year ago,” Gaddafi said in an attempt to separate himself from the charges, recalling the presence of a non-Iranian group if necessary. Members on the plane ..

For the government, it is clear that the two relationships — once intense in intensity — are completely different today. In the case of Venezuela, the government accepted Stella Lugo as its new ambassador (she had already served as Charge d’Affaires in that country) and at the same time expedited the appointment of Barlasaur Deputy Oscar Labor in the Senate. The new ambassador to Caracas has a good relationship with Christina Kirschner and Alberto Fernandez. With “ideological” closeness, they expect bilateral trade to rise, reaching only $ 176 million in Argentine exports today, and to join hands with Joe Biden’s government to approach Maduro’s government. Need to obtain fuel supply sources for Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

Oscar worker

Political cooling, business will increase

As for Iran, there is a paradox: according to Marcelo Elizando’s DNI adviser, trade is growing (Argentina’s exports will reach $ 1.228 million in 2021, four times more than in 2020 and 2019), the political relationship is practically dead, as defined by two senior officials , Further charges were reduced to the status of d’Affaires. “It simply came to our notice then. “They have a toxic stain on us,” they confirmed from the Kirchnerist faction of the government, where they assured Tehran that it “did not even recognize the memorandum that cost us a lot on political grounds” and that it was “not cooperating”. The memorial service for Daniel Madio Capitanic, Nicaragua’s ambassador and aide to Daniel Ortega’s re-launch, and a ceremony attended by one of Interpol’s Iranian officials, Mohsen Rezai, are said to have been compromised by the government in the absence of diplomacy..

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As global international trade recovers after the lockdowns, rising prices of agricultural commodities (most of which are exported to Iran, most of which are exported to Iran) in 2021 will be higher than exports to Iran in previous years. Some variations in Iran’s suppliers have affected it, “Elizondo said NationSales to Iran in the first quarter of 2022 ($ 59 million) are higher than in 2021 and in the years leading up to 2021. “

According to Venezuela, Argentina’s exports are still far from over $ 2 billion exported in 2012/2013. The economic crisis in Venezuela is affecting bilateral foreign trade, ”the expert said. According to the government, relations with Caracas will “improve” with Labrador’s arrival – at the Foreign Ministry they will reduce anti – Venezuelan complaints, and 28 countries, including France, Germany or Switzerland, will maintain ambassadors to Venezuela – and the airline. This issue will be in the background soon. “Sales of agricultural machinery will boost exports,” they speculate from the government, an official silence from Caracas – which only criticized Uruguay on Friday for not allowing the plane to go down.

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