December 3, 2023

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“They are not instructors or they are not dedicated to carrying toys.”

Argentina Justice

After the FBI’s contribution from the United States to Federal Judge Federico Villana, who established a link between the pilot of the Venezuelan plane that was stranded in Essex, Gholamreza GhasemiWith a company Aerial Estaben Aquino, Paraguay’s intelligence minister, who is associated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, expressed similar sentiments and cast doubt on Mahdi Museli, the plane’s co – pilot.

“I hope no one goes crazy: this is a homonym, or antonym, or nothing at all. He is a person affiliated with a company that is not committed to distributing toys,” the Paraguayan official joked about the pilot on the radio miter. He avoided defining himself about Casemi for the past week, and only said that his name was a member of the Quds forces, but he could not confirm that it belonged to the same person.

“We know he’s taking weapons and technology to Syria and southern Lebanon, and that’s where Hezbollah comes in. They look like scary planes,” Aquino stressed about Kasemi. AFI) also had a disagreement with President Augustine Rossi, who said that Iranian team members were actually instructing the Venezuelan people on the Emtrasur cargo plane, the Conviasa cargo company.

The Paraguayan minister also questioned the identity of the co-pilot of the plane, which is now the focus of an investigation into alleged group spying. “Who are the other members of that board of directors? There we see surprises. Who is the co-pilot? Is the last name correct? Or not? ” Museli was asked who, like other Iranians and Venezuelans, was at the Plaza Central Hotel in Canning when his situation was resolved in justice.

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Aquino stressed that the transponder was turned off during the flight, citing Paraguay’s role in warning other countries about the plane, which previously owned the US-owned Great Air aircraft. It was denied by Fernandez last week. The Paraguayan official said this had caused them to set alarms in his country, adding that when reviewing Boeing’s itineraries, it was “routine” to deactivate the aircraft identification system.

In addition, information about the suspects was transferred from Paraguay to Argentina on June 6, which was confirmed by local authorities, who said the plane was already on the ground when the data arrived.

“I reiterate to the brothers in the region: we must be fully supportive and professional in these cases. Needless to say, ‘that Paraguayan minister’ wanted to help you. He wanted to help you and warn you that nothing bad could happen to your home. This is the security of the states, and we are committed to protecting them.” , ”He complained.

He added: “If I get a warning, a signal, a minimal signal, no matter what country I come from, I take it with the necessary expertise. I give it to my researchers, let’s see: throw it in the trash or move on with it. We are a small agency, on a small budget, we manage ourselves by hand in practice, but we know the stages of the attack based on what has happened around the world and in our region. We should note that this is not one of those stages and take all precautionary measures in that regard.

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