August 9, 2022

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“We’ll take her alive”: Venezuelans save abandoned girl


Caracas.- Risks are being taken by more and more migrants every day Darien ForestIt separates Colombia of Panama. Some have been abandoned by mentors because of health problems; However, a group People of Venezuela They captured the moment on video helping a woman I couldn’t go any further.

A video shared by Venezuelan journalist Roberto Bermudez shows four Venezuelan migrants carrying a makeshift stretcher. Change a womanA native Ivory CoastTarion was abandoned in the forest by his guides after presenting health problems.

Venezuela decided to capture the images of this moment Couldn’t hold back the tears, so he decided to share them to show what the settlers live in the Darién forest. “We go and help people, something that others don’t do (…) only the Venezuelan people do this, which makes me want to continue. We’re taking her Life, we’re going to fight, we’re going to help her,” he said.

The migrants ended their journey and took the girl away Townbia AvaFor the Medical Service of the UN Panama Station.

And there are more Venezuelan immigrants Who decides to enter Darien Forest Achieving the American dream requires coming to America through irregular means. However, the dangerous route has claimed some lives.

Daniela CarrascoView_1

Daniela CarrascoView_1

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