July 18, 2024

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Watching the r/place interval is like staring at the heart of Reddit

Watching the r/place interval is like staring at the heart of Reddit

Although you can no longer place tiles on Reddit’s r/Place canvas, which was a file Relive the April Fool’s Day ExperienceThe platform gave us an opportunity to relive the experience. The company provided a treasure trove of data, including Another summary which deals with numbers and statistics (things like which country put the most squares or which subs talked about r/put the most), along with Complete CSV dataset For people to tamper with if they wish.

But, as someone who’s watched the chaos unfold by checking in every hour or so (and ticking some of my boxes), the coolest thing Reddit posted is Three minute interval This shows how the canvas was shaped by users over the course of four days.

Watching it develop is like staring at the heart of Reddit. You can see communities fighting to take over tiles or co-creating their own pieces of art – which included everything from Between us Crew member to flag giant pride. And, you know, a terrifying face peeking out of the void (which pops up a few times, of course).

The GIF finally ends with a white blast — not because everyone has teamed up to wipe the board clean like Etch A Sketch, but because Reddit has made it so users can only put white tiles on the end. Fortunately, everyone’s tiling business isn’t gone forever. If you go to r / Place now, there is a file Interactive version of the canvas Where you can navigate through the entire 80+ hour experience, zoom in as much as you want.

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