May 22, 2024

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Venezuelans with these needs choose nationality


Caracas. The Venezuelan people of Spanish descent You can already buy Spanish nationality By a New Way: The Democratic Memory ActBetter known as Grandchildren Act. The requirements and forms Application to submit Interested parties were published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on Wednesday, October 25.

So that’s it If you are a son or grandson of Spanish father or mother, grandfather or grandmother What are they? Exiles By Political reasonsideological or hope Or Sexual orientation and identity Y They lost One Renounced Spanish nationalityYou can apply.

Grandchildren Law in Spain: Venezuelans have a new option

Likewise, sons and daughters born abroad (In VenezuelaFor example) of Spanish women That They married and lost their nationality With foreigners (for example, with Venezuela), before the entry into force of the 1978 Constitution, they could choose Spanish nationality.

The Democratic Memory Act One Grandchildren ActIts eighth additional provision, also allows Sons and daughters of legal age Among Spaniards whose Spanish nationality is recognized by the 2007 Law of Historical Memory, hereafter Spanish nationality.

What documents do I need to present to apply for Spanish citizenship?

The Venezuelan people of Spanish descent are under them Three conditions and to acquire nationality through Democratic Memory Act One Grandchildren Act The following should be providedcuments, stands for BOE.

  • They are necessary in all three cases Complete the application notification Downloadable option reality In person at the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, European Union and Spanish Cooperation, as well as civil registry offices.

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  • Be demanding Birth certificate of the applicant issued by the Civil Registry, Legalized and apostilled.
  • Birth certificate of Spanish father, mother, grandfather or grandmother From the applicant.
  • If the application is submitted as Grandson of Spanish grandfather should also be provided Birth certificate of father or mother – One similar to the line of the applicant’s Spanish grandfather or grandmother.
  • Document proving the deportation status of father, mother, grandfather or grandmother (Proof of Deportation Status).
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What can I do if my Spanish father or mother, grandmother or grandfather do not have a birth certificate?

  • Interested parties may provide Baptism From the parish or diocesan archives, along with a negative certificate of birth registration issued by the relevant registry.

Additional documents on the case of children of Spanish women deprived of nationality

  • Spanish mother’s marriage certificate She lost her Spanish citizenship for marrying a foreigner.
  • Copy Birth certificate of Spanish mother From the applicant.
  • For marriages solemnized between August 5, 1954 and December 28, 1978, both inclusive, you must provide: Document proving mother’s acquisition of husband’s nationality and the document of foreign law of acquisition of nationality by marriage in force at the date of its occurrence.

How to prove deportation status?

In Grandchildren Act I know They will be proud of their status as exiles All Spaniards who left Spain between July 18, 1936 and December 31, 1955But they must prove that they lost their nationality by leaving Spanish territory and entering the destination country. through any of the following documents.

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  • 1. Passport with entry stamp In the host country.
  • 2. Certificate of registration from the Spanish Embassy.
  • 3. That the certificates from the consular civil registry Prove residency in the host countryetc Marriage registrationChildren’s birth records, death records etc.
  • 4. Certificate from Civil Registry of Host Country It certifies citizenship of that country.
  • 5. A document of country time Composer In which the Year of arrival Arrival in this country or by any transport.
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If the departure from Spain takes place between January 1 1956 and December 28, 1978 Expatriate status must be recognized by one of the following documents:

  • A. Document proving existence Pension Beneficiary The Spanish administration provided deportees with direct and automatic proof of deportation.
  • B. document United Nations International Refugee Office and the refugee offices of countries that assisted Spanish refugees and their families.
  • c. Certificates or statements issued by political partiestrade unions or any other organizations or Companies, public or privateOfficially recognized by the Spanish authorities or the host state of the deportee’s country, they are related to the deportee.

In cases B and C, you should attach any of the five documents listed above in this document.

Where to submit an application to apply for Spanish citizenship?

  • First, the Venezuelan people Request an appointment At the consulate corresponding to your place of residence. As for Venezuela, the Spanish Consular Section in Caracas informed interested parties Dating information will be released soon In the section Consular Services – Nationality On the websites of all Consulates.

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  • Applications are required Introduce yourself in person In Spain or in the civil registry Embassy of Spain in Venezuela.
  • The documents must be duly and legally submitted Apostle.
  • For any further questions Embassy of Spain in Caracas There is mail [email protected]

You can read the instructions published by the BOE Democratic Memory Act OneGrandchildren Act Here

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