April 19, 2024

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Center-right candidate Luis Montenegro's narrow victory in Portugal's election

Center-right candidate Luis Montenegro's narrow victory in Portugal's election

The Democratic Alliance has won second only to the Socialist Party.


The prediction of recent studies has come true. Luis Montenegrocandidate Democratic AllianceThe centre-right party has won Portugal's elections by a narrow margin.

Montenegro stands out from the rest of the system. behind him, Socialists come second. However, the Democratic Alliance ended up not getting enough majority to form the government.

Luis Montenegro, according to first results, will need the support of the far-right Sega organization to form a government. The party has grown tremendously since the last elections and now gets three times more votes than the previous elections.

They have got between the two organizations (Democratic Alliance and SEGA). Support of more than half of voters. With 96% counted, Luis Montenegro has 30.44% of the vote.

closely followed Socialist Party of Pedro Nuno Santos He won 28.57% of the electorate, a far cry from his previous election results Antonio CostaNow corrupted by corruption.

“Bipartisan Decision”

The surprise of the night came from Sega. Your candidate, Andre Venturahas received a 18.46% votes and already pointed out “Bilateral decision“And it didn't take long for him to ask to make a winner Coalition Government.

Increase in votes in Far right parties This is a phenomenon mirrored in other countries of the European Union. In Spain, Vox congratulated Sega on its increased votes.

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