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Venezuelan woman abducted by her aya in Colombia reunites with her baby in hospital in Ecuador (video)


3 Numbers 2021 15:14 GMT

Four months ago, a child who had been living with his mother in Galle, abandoned by unidentified individuals, went missing at a health center in the Ecuadorian city of Guayaquil.

The Venezuelan baby, who was abducted by his caregiver in Colombia nearly four months ago, was handed over to his mother by Ecuadorian authorities after being dropped off at a hospital in the south-central city of Guayaquil.

In a corporate video of the Ecuadorian police, the commander of Zone 8, Fosto Funano, explained that the baby had gone missing in the Colombian city of Gali and that his mother had informed him of his whereabouts in Guayaquil. Since its formal complaint, protocols have been implemented to allow its location, recovery and distribution.

The woman, who gave birth last Wednesday, tearfully thanked authorities for returning her son after she was reported missing in the capital, Valle del Cauca, on August 14 in a police audiovisual recording.

How was the baby found?

The Venezuelan girl’s mother went to Guayaquil, and after receiving an anonymous call, promised to stay in the city. Pick up Trade. Upon his arrival in the country, he reported his disappearance on November 11 to the Directorate of Inquiry into Crimes against Life, Violent Deaths, Missing Persons, Abductions and Extortion (Daily).

After the police investigation, The baby was taken to Del Nino Francisco de Icasa Fustamonde Hospital, In the central-south of the city, where he was recognized by his mother.

According to the aforementioned newspaper, the child was attacked by the abductors and was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital and left him at the health center.

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To determine their identity, genetic tests were commissioned by the prosecutor’s office, which determined that the DNA found in the samples was identical to that of the mother and child, Funano added.

What happened?

பெண், Pick up Karagol said the baby went missing in August this year with his aya from Venezuela. “I worked from 6:00 am to 4:00 pm. At that time I would go and pick him up, but neither she nor her belongings were home when I left,” he said.

After the abduction, she received a call that took her to neighboring Ecuador. According to the data they gave, the boy was admitted to the hospital under the same names but with different surnames. The process that started from there culminated with its distribution.