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A singer was killed because he believed Ottoniel had betrayed him

A singer was killed because he believed Ottoniel had betrayed him

Clan leader Del Golfo Tairo Antonio Usuka David, alias Ottoniel, A popular singer was killed in 2012 and he linked the artist to police action against his band.

Singer Juan de Dios was contacted by Suka David Giovanni And brother Ottoniel, So Have a concert during the year-end celebration, According to the investigation conducted Viewer.

The singer, whose identity has not been released, explained to the prosecutor’s office He had no idea who he was going to give the concert to. However, as the venue changed three times, he decided not to attend.

Local media released photos of “Otonial” detention / Photo: Notice Caracol

After the denial, the Vallinado group decided to go to the show Police fitted a GPS device to one of the musical instruments. In that sense, there was a decline in aliases GiovanniDied in the early hours of January 1, 2012 in a police operation.

Criminal error

At the time, Director General of Police Jose Roberto Leon Riano noted that “human resources” had been able to locate Giovanni. As a result, they were rewarded with more than $ 300,000 To the artist who facilitated the procedure.

“It was a human resource that allowed us to confirm the location of the aliases Giovanni. The artist will be rewarded with 1,500 million pesos.Leon explained.

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Profile |  Ottoniel, Colombia's most wanted drug lord, captures October 23
Authorities arrested Ottoniel on October 23 this year / Photo: Notice Caracol

After the reports, Ottoniel was thought to be a popular music singer He was the one who informed the police and ordered the murder. The artist fled the country and was rescued by his family after authorities checked that his life was in danger.

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Otoniel was arrested on October 23 Colombia agreed to extradite him to the United States for drug trafficking offenses. He may have been involved in aggravated murder, murder of a protected person, enforced disappearance, forced relocation and illegal recruitment of minors.