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What will we celebrate on October 12th? | Vladimir Agosta

The best historical dates are usually clear because they usually refer to specific facts or make net cuts. But they are confusing and contradictory because they serve different and opposite interests that persist over time or have multiple readings that stand in conflict. I do not think there is anything more paradoxical, confusing and confusing than October 12, 1492. The only thing that is undeniable on that date is the restoration of some of the three ruined caravans, some lost, hunger. And on a small and insignificant island near this vast continent, the hopeless Spanish sailors on the brink of revolt, the lost Spaniards, or their admiral, a particular Columbus, almost unknown at the time, had little idea it was; And still can’t see it. But October 12 was not the first casual and peaceful meeting of the Spaniards and the American people, but signifies its direct effect: they transformed almost the entire United States into a brutal Spanish occupation, massacre, culture, annihilation and subjugation of the Native American people, and Spain into a larger and more powerful empire.

For more than a century, the nations of this United States have been their colonies for three centuries, and we celebrate that date as the glory of Spain, because our ruling classes, the service of Europe, and the European worshipers, made us go inside. Civilization and their religion, Christianity, is the only true religion. It happens that they do not know another language. With superior weapons and the plague they brought, they massacred the native people and destroyed their cultures; And forcibly a true religion over them, a few decades after the arrival of the Spanish in Christian Europe in the sixteenth century, with the Reformation they split into two true religions, both Christians, different and furious enemies. , The other Christian Protestant.

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But October 12 has only been celebrated since the end of the 19th century. In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries there was no Spanish or European celebration on that date. It has no interest or place. In 1592, Spain captured its American conquest and organized the colonial exploitation of the continent it had conquered by massacring the American people, weapons. New Testament On hand. In 1692, weakened by European conflicts, Spain partially relaxed control over the United States and endured its increasing decline. There is nothing more absurd than the celebration of Spanish colonial discoveries in Europe in the midst of the French Revolution of 1792, when Bourbon gained independence from England with the help of France and Spain and the first signs of similar revolts against the domination of the latter in its Spanish America.

October 12th and the Greatest Celebration of America’s Invention and Success 19th Century, the celebration of colonial Europe is at its peak and dominates the rest of the world. Our governments do not account and the United States does not participate. They are blonde, invented by the Vikings, they are going to declare themselves an empire and will soon invade Spain to conquer Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines.

Beginning in the 20th century, this date has been celebrated as an official holiday, with names that are consistent, cynical, false or misleading. The name of the first race day, others, the day of the victory of the white race over the inferior. What is extraordinary is that our sovereign nations have celebrated that racism for decades. Then it changes its handling name to Discovery Day. It is true that when two separate societies that evolved suddenly meet one day, there is discovery. But this is reciprocal and not just one of them. If it is a question of comparable communities in population, organization and weapon, both may choose an agreement or prefer war. But if the difference in these areas is enormous and clearly in favor of one, in this case the Spaniards defeat the former attack and the latter on the tribes, discovered from the inventor, i.e. subject him to the object, defeat him, and he enslaves or enslaves him. This is what happened in our United States after October 12th. But by the fifth century of the Conquest 1992, Latin American critics were still enormous, and our indigenous people had grown greatly in strength and conscience. Beyond prudence, Spain called it the day of the meeting of the two worlds, a ridiculous and fake name. It was rightly said that in our countries Spain wants to call an encounter a conflict; And in Spain, a Spanish group demonstrating under the slogan I was in the fifth century.

The last attempt, this time, was to make honest and patriotic, but erroneous, October 12, on the contrary, a day of domestic opposition. Although he defended his good intentions and independence, it was a double mistake that caught my attention from the beginning.

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Historical error, because the meaning of a definite, actual date cannot be changed to its opposite. Napoleon did not defeat Waterloo or lose Sukra Ayakuzho. In 1492 there was no native resistance. That first October 12 will always be the day of Native Innocence. The inhabitants of the Bahamas, where the Spaniards came, waited for them, not knowing what awaited them, and celebrated their arrival, bringing them water and fruit. Beyond prudence, the Spaniards treated them well, giving them useless red bonnets, many of whom wore gold nose rings and exchanged broken plates or balls to guess. Similar images were re-created in the following months.

Political error, because despite its good intentions it maintains our governments and our people, especially the indigenous people, they do not want to celebrate their innocence but their rebellion is tied to the Spanish colonial festival, which proudly celebrates with Spanish colonial slogans, flags and military parades, that we do not have it We want to create.

Civil unrest on Hispaniola Island begins shortly after. Before returning to Spain, Columbus left part of his crew in it and built a fort for it. The Spaniards soon ran over the natives and raped their wives. Exhausted by these abuses, Canape, Casic de la Maguana, the land of present-day Haiti, reunites its tribe and as its leader, in early 1493, attacks the fort, burns it, and kills all the Spaniards. That was the beginning of the Native opposition. As the brutal Spanish conquest progresses, there will be opposition to breeding with other domestic heroes across the American continent for decades to come.

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We must depart on October 12, to commemorate the Native opposition that encompassed this whole of America, to American glory and American pride as a heroic struggle against oppression, and to wish all of us good and respect for those Native heroes, but let it be far from the symbolic date of Spanish colonialism.