June 17, 2024

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Venezuela has called for the creation of a new international financial framework

Venezuela has called for the creation of a new international financial framework

During his speech at the II Eurasian Economic Forum held in the Russian Federation, the Vice-President of the Republic, Delsey Rodriguez, urged to think about the need to create a new international financial framework that would allow freedom of economic relations. , finance and business.

In this regard, Rodríguez said that one of the most important conclusions of the II meeting of the Eurasian Union “is related to the reflection on the need to create a new international financial mechanism, which gives real freedom to international trade for its expansion. A framework of fair trade, which allows countries to interact in a way that is less pressured by the financial hegemony of the United States. .

“A fair trade and a currency that serves the world, a currency that serves humanity and not just the hegemony,” he urged before the forum’s participating nations.

This is in line with the Vice President’s previously exposed attitude about the fact that the entire world is now a victim of the dominance of the dollar.

“The global financial network passes everything through the US, for example, it controls all legal frameworks imposed abroad through multilateral mechanisms such as the FATF,” he warned.

In this regard, he referred to the blockades of Russia and Venezuela as absurd aspects of international geopolitics.

In this sense, he asserted, “International geopolitics is often opposed to the structure of a world led by a hegemony that respects justice, equality and the Charter of the United Nations.”

Eurasia will once again assume leadership in the global economy

Similarly, in her words before the Eurasian nations, Delci Rodríguez emphasized that the region is called to resume its leadership in the global economy.

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“23 years ago the United States was the first trading partner of the world’s nations, and now that role is occupied by a Eurasian country,” he highlighted as a reflection of the region’s relevance in international economic, trade and financial relations.

Pointing to the current situation in the People’s Republic of China, Rodriguez pointed out that “the surplus wealth from the production of this part of Eurasia goes directly to satisfy the trade debts of North America.”

“The manufacturing surpluses of China and India will offset the US trade deficit. What is the reason for that? It has to do with the hegemony of the dollar,” explained Rodriguez, who reiterated that all of humanity suffers from a terrible distortion: the hegemony of the U.S. dollar.

On the other hand, he highlighted the role played by the BRICS countries in building a new international financial engineering.

Finally, the Executive Vice President greeted the gathering and called for “permanent dialogue to build a balanced world, a world that respects international law, and a world that preserves the planet in its integrity.”

Eurasian integration

Under the motto “Eurasian Integration in a Multipolar World”, the Second Eurasian Economic Forum gathered about 2,700 representatives from more than 50 countries of the world to discuss practical solutions aimed at the integrated economic development of the members of the Economic Union. States of the region, indicates Press release.

In this regard, it signifies that the forum is called a platform for business dialogue based on the participation of more than 650 business representatives from 450 companies.

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