December 11, 2023

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Spain’s Hugo “El Pollo” rejects second asylum request for Karvajal

Hugo Carvajal - Chicken
Photo: Archive

The Spanish Office of Asylum and Asylum has rejected a second asylum request by former Venezuelan General Hugo Armando Carvajal, known as “Polo Carvajal”, and delivery to the United States has been delayed since October 2021 due to these requests and appeals.

The department, which is affiliated with the Interior Ministry, has no reason to offer protection to ex-servicemen in Spain.

As confirmed F Internal sources said the resolution has already been referred to his defense, which can be appealed through the executive channels in the National Court of Justice (AN).

This second asylum request, based on the political persecution of the United States accused by Karwajal, prevented his deportation to that country.

North American authorities are suing him for drug trafficking offenses, although legal evidence points to Efe, which is something that can be expected, and the AN, resolution to do it effectively, is finally awaiting.

An former head of military intelligence in the governments of Venezuelan presidents Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, an appeal resolution is pending against the interior ministry’s decision to reject the first asylum request in October 2021.

In this way, after nearly two years in hiding since his arrest in Madrid in September 2021, Carvajal has not backed down from his efforts to avoid surrendering to the US judiciary. And affiliated with the FARC of Colombia.

In November 2019, after the initial decision not to extradite him was overturned, the National Court approved his deportation. However, at the time Carvajal was not already accounted for.

Two years later he was arrested again in Madrid and began his judicial assault. In addition to the series of appeals he filed against the decisions that led to his surrender to the United States, he offered to testify on other issues, first on terrorism issues, but finally pointing out that he allegedly paid the former leaders of the Spanish Podemos. By party (PDVSA).

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At the same time, Carvajal’s surrender was stopped by the AN on several occasions, once the United States guaranteed a possible life sentence appeal; Waiting at last to know the fate of the second asylum claim, has now been denied.

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