June 11, 2023

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Ecuadorian president backs decree of crucifixion (+ video)

He said the decision “has the approval of more than 80% of Ecuadorians.”

Courtesy Radio Pichincha | Lasso described his activities in his second year in office

Ecuador’s president, Guillermo Lasso, spoke on Wednesday about the “crusading death” order he used last week, which he defended and said he had the support of the people.

In a smaller ceremony than usual, when they take place at the headquarters of the Parliament, President Lasso described his activities in his second year in office.

Addressing the nation, Lasso assured that the decree has brought an end to political conflict in the country.

“Eight days ago, using a democratic mechanism recognized in the Constitution of the Republic, I put an end to a political conflict that plunged the country into a crisis worse than time (…) This decision, you have made. It has the approval of more than 80% of Ecuadorians,” Lasso said.

The “death by cross” decreed last Wednesday is a constitutional provision that dissolves the National Assembly to restore legislative and executive powers and then hold elections.

This means that President Lasso can rule through decree-laws of economic emergency when elections for president and members of parliament are held in 90 days.

“The dissolution of the National Assembly, based on Article 148 of our Constitution, closed a long chapter of institutionalization and abuse of power led by political sectors whose goal is the cooperation of the entire state (…) My desire is to ask the people of Ecuador to decide the destiny of the country through their vote. Brother countries, in Ecuador “Through their ambassadors, have recognized the courage and democratic nature of this action. The National Electoral Council and the Constitutional Court have also recognized the constitutionality of my decision with their declarations,” the Ecuadorian president added, CNN reported in Spanish and El Comercio.

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Ecuador’s National Electoral Council (CNE) approved this Tuesday August 20, 2023 a call for early elections after the “cross death” decree.

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