July 17, 2024

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Trujillano choked a woman in Colombia and was captured in northern Chile

Trujillano choked a woman in Colombia and was captured in northern Chile

Chile’s Supreme Court accepts Venezuela’s extradition request Joffrey Anderson Pacheco Briseno (43), a Colombian judge accused the woman of murder. The man behind the crime fled and went into hiding in northern Chile months after it was formalized.

According to an investigative report by BioBio Chile, the events date back to 2020, when Pacheco Briceño, from the state of Trujillo, moved to live in the Las Ferias neighborhood in Colombia. He also lived there Maria Torralba couple (54). On November 20 of the same year, she was found dead at home: her hands tied, her body beaten, and a bag covering her face. The clues pointed to only one name: Joffrey.

When Colombian police asked witnesses to describe him, they all agreed on the same adjectives: muscular, short hair shaved on the sides and a big nose. He has no mustache or beard. He spoke rudely. Most of all he was “frolicking” with women, because in general he was an introvert.

He came to Las Ferias, a town of 21,000 in Bogotá, from Medellin, where he had his wife and two children. It was November 5, 2020. The plan was to find a job while staying with a friend.

During those days he met Maria. With widow, pensioner and two children. She was short and short. She lived alone in the neighborhood 14 years ago, though she moved out after her firefighter husband died. Even as a neighbor, everyone agreed she was a charitable woman. In fact, knowing he was alone, he got a job at Pacheco.

He harassed her

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His intentions were friendly. It was different from what Joffrey was looking for then. Eli Ramirez, Maria’s daughter, told police her mother told police about her plans over the phone.

Mr. Joffrey was attacking her. She kept an eye on him and said the man was looking for where to stick his head, but she didn’t notice. He pestered her by asking if she could stay at home. That they have something every time he goes to bother her.

Maria’s niece also testified. He commented that his aunt called him and they had a conversation together about visiting Venezuela.

– If she goes out, he will ask her where, with whom and why. One day my aunt told her what’s the question, she is alone and no one wants to ask her about her life. To which he replied that he had faith in her because he was single (…) My aunt said that she did not want to be with anyone.

Twenty days after arriving in the department, Jofre Pacheco had to leave the house he lived in because he was not financially supporting the house. He took two briefcases and went with Maria for a beer.

On November 20, 2020, Maria woke up early in the morning. By 7:00 I was on my way to Thirumanjanam. After finishing the prayer in the church, he left. At 10:30, while she was in bed, she texted her friend to ask if she had any sancocho de catre (fish stew) left and she would bring it later.

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Half an hour ago, Joffrey was painting a Christmas tree in front of his house. Many people in the neighborhood saw it. Around 11:00 a.m., he left his house to ask his neighbor when he was going to stop cooking because of a stench wafting through the window. She replied that she will inform him. After 20 minutes, he knocked on the door to tell her it was ready. No one opened.

Around one o’clock in the afternoon her friend He showed up at her house to bring her the stove. The door closed again. She asked the same neighbor who was cooking if he had seen her. He answered a few hours before painting a Christmas tree.

Her friend kept some keys in her house. Maria gave them to her in case anything happened to her. He suffered from heart disease. Open the door. He called her several times. Nothing. He walked a few steps and then found her face down in the kitchen with her hands tied.

His His face was full of wounds. She had bruises on her knees and her hands were tied. He showed signs of torture and covered his face with a garbage bag. Inside the washing machine they find a “grinding stone” and Geoff’s clothes. It was the same black box he took out hours before he was kicked out of the house.

Through all these trials the Second Municipal Promiscuous Court of La Dorata Caldas decided to formalize it. Bad femicide. His sentence was not going to be less than 500 months if his participation was proved, but the defendant fled. No one else had what he got away with, IQ. to Playa Brava in Chile.

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That’s why a Colombian judge asked the Supreme Court to extradite him. The first thing was to look for him, and they noticed that he had not entered any directed steps. Eventually they found him. He was working in a construction company. After his arrest, on April 28, 2023, the defendant was remanded in custody. Thus ruled the Supreme Court.

Those requested will remain free until their surrender to the competent authorities is verified by the country’s highest court.