June 13, 2024

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Daniel Sancho’s Dark Horizon After Judge’s Dismissal

Daniel Sancho’s Dark Horizon After Judge’s Dismissal

Daniel Sancho Somgate Ruxaman AB Agency

If anything has dominated the trial of the already-convicted Daniel Sancho, it’s the dozens of comments, often jokes, mixed with ideas and in-depth analysis based on single letters, either out of court or through curious leaks. There are fifty reporters here, and I don’t know how many more in other parts of the world, who have been writing or going live for a month taking our own work on pins and needles. Of course, if the judge had let us in, another rooster would have crowed.

By The reason

Thomas, fictitious name – because I’m going to walk away from this coverage because nobody wants to come forward when something newsworthy comes to light. He has been working in Bangkok courts for many years. Experienced He knows nothing about the Daniel Sancho case except what I tell himBecause for those who don’t know, no one in Thailand, absolutely no one, is talking about this story, which is prevalent in the media in our country and a good part of Latin America.

Thomas put me in my place with twelve possible theories in less than half an hour. “Can you continue to work if all your external efforts have been fruitless?” He tells me. “I’d say mostly Nothing new has happened since the charges against Sancho were readand the prosecutor never said it was possible to withdraw the charge of premeditated murder, and the defense couldn’t turn the tables,” he argues. Considering his words, one has to accept that he could be right. If you look closely, Sancho’s questioning time is very sharp and open. The lawyer they claim may have made a comment that the media took out of context or exaggerated, for example, is not what the lawyer said “Planning ahead is always complicated” and “Proofing ahead in this case is complicated”, he points at me. “Because, how’s the lawyer going to say that? I’ll run against him! “He’s already taken that position back?” he concludes.

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In this inquiry, moreover, the correspondents sent there have experienced constant interest from interested parties to tell us what is best for them. If Ospina hadn’t accessed the courtroom and then used her ability to testify, talking to us four times a day – two daily entrances and two exits to the court – we would have had much less information. And yet, who can assure us that their statements are not distorted?

Is it poisonous?

Because in the same way, Poisoning the head makes them believe they actually found a torso, which was completely false, but by the time we discovered the truth it was already the news of the day in many media outlets. Because Rodolfo Sancho also used his discretion to allow some journalist to abandon what he was most interested in. I want to make it clear that Thomas is more correct than me and other reporters. And It matters little what happens in the Madrid newsrooms, where Daniel has heard scores of witnesses corroborate his statements months before.. The last time I left the embassy, ​​he did not leak information daily, but never to the reporters who spent the day there.

We must try to understand Daniel Sancho for sure Moves by his team of lawyers. Because according to Thomas and other experts on these matters, bringing in Spanish experts to tell the judge things that are already known in Thailand is considered almost insulting. Like a guy from Arkansas showing us how to make gazpacho at Plaza Castilla. And I’m not telling you Bela anymore.

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Due to the number of defense witnesses, not even half of them could answer the questions, Carmen Balfagan understands the bad situation left, who repeated history in half of Spain’s sets. Coconuts are cut with saws and garbage bags are used as raincoats. Like his partner Ramon Tsipras – who was not allowed to make a statement – the next day the alleged Thai chef was at work cutting coconuts, not going to tell the story in court, and who knows? kicking

Thomas emphasizes something more important: “The image of Thailand, and in a very touristic island, the jewel of the country, if the fines are not deserved, it will be called into question.” Add one more important thing: “Imagine it was actually premeditated murder and got a lesser sentence. Do you really think this scandal is good for Thailand where tourism needs to grow? Another thing, how do you tell German, French, British diplomats who have some executed citizens? Are there a la carte tests in Thailand?» When I reply that there is corruption in Thailand and that there is evidence that fraud is rarely committed, he decides firmly: “If the process is not so high, I would believe it. But… how many journalists are going to come to read the sentence? I say this because of the sickness it raises. Sixty ?Seventy? I highly doubt the accused will get away,’ he said.

Another thing that Thomas told me was something that was widely discussed during the trial. Knowing that foreigners have been hanged for a long time and the death penalty falls on you, there is a relatively easy way to soften the future.: With a letter of repentance acknowledging the facts reported to the King of Thailand who grants the person a royal pardon. From there, it takes a maximum of eight years until the detainee’s repatriation process begins. But something was missing. Not a ridiculous fact. “Without compensation for the damage, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars. In other words, the compensation determined by the judge must be paid to return to their country,” he concludes.

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