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“True Iron Brother”: China applauds Pakistan’s decision not to attend Democracy Conference


9 dic 2021 23:31 GMT

Pakistan said it valued its partnership with the United States, but called for a “timely solution to the problem” in the future.

On December 9, at the start of the summit for democracy called by the US government, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian released a message. Tweet We applaud Pakistan’s decision Did not attend the show And qualifies the country as the “true brother of iron”.

Pakistan has refused to attend a summit on democracy.A real iron brother! “Legion wrote in connection with an earlier statement issued by the Pakistani government.

In the speech, Islamabad said it valued its partnership with the United States and wanted to expand it “on the basis of bilateral and regional and international cooperation.” However, he calls on Washington to resolve the issue.A timely time in the future“.

“In the meantime, Pakistan will continue to support all efforts aimed at strengthening dialogue, constructive engagement and international cooperation to advance our shared goals,” the text concludes.

The Summit on Democracy, chaired by Joe Biden, will be held on December 9 and 10 and will be attended by leaders, activists and representatives of the private sector from various countries. Its agenda includes a discussion on human rights and initiatives to protect the democratic system.

Washington Representatives of China or Russia were not invited to the event. Ambassadors of the two countries to the United States. They published A joint statement in late November said the meeting was an obvious consequence of the Cold War mentality. The fan can Ideological conflict Between states around the world.

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Maria Sajarova, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry He said Summit this Thursday Aims to “serve the interests of the American regime.”.