June 13, 2024

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‘Tiktoker’ serial killer who tortured and hanged women in Egypt

‘Tiktoker’ serial killer who tortured and hanged women in Egypt

Egyptian authorities recently released details of the arrest of a serial killer accused of killing at least three women in Cairo, who was allegedly found earlier this month, local media reported.

The suspect was identified as Karim, a 37-year-old Egyptian national with a US passport. He pleaded guilty to murdering an unknown number of women, according to information provided by the Egyptian Attorney General’s Office on Tuesday.

Strangulation wounds and whippings

The culprit entered the authorities’ radar after three naked bodies were found in different desert locations on the outskirts of Cairo, all with similar signs of torture, such as strangulation wounds and whiplashes, leading forensic experts to suggest only one. Person is responsible.

An investigation based on footage from security cameras that led to the location of the bodies led to Karim’s identification and arrest. As it was determined, the subject tortured and murdered his victims in an apartment he rented in a popular residential complex known as the Fifth Settlement in the Egyptian capital. He then packed the bodies into travel bags for transport and then dumped them on desert roads.

His neighbors have noticed that he rarely talks to anyone and that he often goes out with women. Karim said he knew his victims online and some of them were sex workers.

After having an intimate relationship with them, he forced them to take drugs before killing them. Laboratory tests carried out on the bodies of all three people found this month revealed the presence of drugs in their bodies.

Test Queen

While gathering the evidence that led the security services to arrest the Egyptian, his belongings were analyzed, including a mobile phone and a laptop, where the most compelling evidence was found: the filming of the murders. The Egypt Independent newspaper points out that the man had deleted all records of photos and video clips, but a special team was able to retrieve the data and prove he had recorded his crimes.

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Karim confessed to committing his crimes in a soundproof room where he drugged the women, had sex with them and whipped them. The investigation revealed that he enjoyed their screams and the more they screamed, the better he felt.

Dubbed the “fifth immigration killer” by the local press, the man graduated from Egypt’s most prestigious university and worked as a teacher at an international school.

It was also determined that he has a profile with more than 600,000 followers and more than five million views on TikTok, where he teaches English. It has been five months since he separated from his wife and children.

Asharq channel reported that the Ministry of Public Affairs had decided to temporarily imprison him pending an investigation into his allegations.

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