June 25, 2024

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Extraordinary! He went to a bank ATM in Mexico and got bolivars

Extraordinary!  He went to a bank ATM in Mexico and got bolivars


In a curious and unexpected turn of events, Citibanamex users from the platform quickly gained attention on social media and the incident sparked laughter and confusion among netizens.

By: Merca 20

A user named @CmtePerro made his situation known, with the intention of solving his problem, asking for support on X and posting: “I went to withdraw money at the Citibanamex ATM and got Venezuelan bolivars. Does anyone know what I can do?”. The publication was accompanied by a picture showing the bills received, which attracted an avalanche of reactions and comments.

The situation did not go unnoticed by Citipanamex, which responded to the user’s message offering its assistance. “Hello! Nice to greet you. We are very interested in helping you. Please follow us and contact us via DM so we can give you the right advice. We are always at your service. –Maricruz.” Commented.

Meanwhile, many users of the site could not help but take the matter with humor, leaving sarcastic comments and memes about the strange situation.

You can read the full note here Merca 20