April 13, 2024

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Putin: Russia Ready for Both Nuclear Test and Nuclear War

Putin: Russia Ready for Both Nuclear Test and Nuclear War

The Russian president said he was ready for “serious dialogue” about Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a new interview ahead of his country's election this weekend and talked about the role of the West in the world and the Ukrainian conflict, the possibility of nuclear war, and a variety of other topics. American political system.

It was prepared by Dmitri Kiseliov, general director of the Rossiya Segodnya media group, and reported this Wednesday by the Rossiya 1 network and RIA Novosti agency.

Putin warned that if the US conducts a nuclear test, it should not be ruled out that Russia will do the same.

From a military-technical point of view, the president added, Russia is ready for both nuclear tests and nuclear war.

“Yes, we are always ready. I want this to be clear. These are not common weapons, these are a type of weapon, a type of troops that are constantly ready for war,” he added.

He stressed that the Russian nuclear triad is more modern than any other in the world and “everyone knows that”.

For this reason, the United States is developing its nuclear forces, “but that does not mean that it is ready to wage this nuclear war tomorrow,” Putin said. “Well, if they want, what can be done, we are ready,” he emphasized.

“The Vampire Dance Ends”

The president pointed out that right now “many people in the world” are watching Russia and closely following its struggle for its national interests.

He explained this by pointing out that the “ordinary citizens” of Western countries, led by elites for centuries, “feel in their hearts what is happening” and “associate Russia's struggle for independence and true sovereignty with their aspirations for sovereignty.” ” and independent development.

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The crux of the problem is that “for centuries – about five hundred years – the so-called “golden billion” has been based on de facto parasitism of other countries,” he says, referring to Western elites.

Russia is ready for “a serious dialogue” on Ukraine

Putin reiterated that Moscow is ready to resolve the conflict in Ukraine through peace talks, but that it should be a “serious dialogue” that is not used by the opposing party as “running out of ammunition” or “based on some wishful thinking”. “After using psychotropic drugs, but in facts grown on the ground.”

“We are ready to engage in a serious dialogue and resolve all conflicts, especially this conflict [en Ucrania], in peaceful ways. However, we must clearly understand that this is not a suspension that the enemy wants to restore, but a serious dialogue with security guarantees for the Russian Federation,” he said.

As relations between Russia and the United States escalate, French President Emmanuel Macron's statements about sending Western troops to Ukraine mean Moscow will view American troops as interlopers, the Russian president said. They appear on Ukrainian territory.

The president pointed out that countries that “do not have red lines” with Moscow “should understand that Russia will not be with them either.”

In this sense, he clarified that Europe's smaller countries, which call for a “tough policy” towards Moscow and take “radical measures” such as sending troops, will not suffer the consequences of their “provocative statements”. But he noted that vulnerable countries are “behaving with great restraint”.

Regarding the plans of the top German military to attack the Crimean bridgehead, the Russian president insisted that they were simply “fantasy” because they themselves understood that a hypothetical attack with Taurus missiles against the Russian border would be a violation of the constitution. Germany.

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Election in America

“We will not interfere in any election. “And, as I have said many times, we will work with any leader that the American people, the American electorate, trusts,” Putin stressed in November's US presidential election. The North American country “is becoming more and more uncivilized.”

“I think it's clear to everyone: The American political system cannot aspire to the role of democracy in every sense of the word,” he declared.

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